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Pets become part of the family. In my house, there is no denying it, our dog Tucker is like a third member of our family. He gets his way more often than we’d like to admit, and might be a tad spoiled, but our lives would not be the same without him. Being a Dog Owner is no joke! It’s crazy how much gear there is out there for pups and it can be hard to sort through the noise to determine what Fido might really need. We have tried our fare share of toys, chews, and dog walking gear over the years. Tucker has no complaints in trying out new treats as you can imagine. Because there is SO MUCH to be had out there for dogs and their owners, I’ve decided to pare it down to 5 (Tucker approved) Dog Gadgets that will make your furry friend’s life a whole lot richer. From helping keep their mind sharp, to a smoother walk, these are our favorite items for our fur baby, and I hope you too can give them a round of ap-paws. Ok, I’m done.

5 Tucker Approved Dog Gadgets

1. Treat Dispensing Puzzles:  Tucker get’s so excited when he sees me load up his “puzzle” with some food. I love to use the puzzle when we haven’t been able to fit a walk into our day. This comes in hand for those rainy days or colder months. Sniffing out and figuring out how to get the food out keeps your dog’s mind active and helps with boredom. It’s so cute to watch him try to figure this thing out, and he is so proud of himself when the deed is done!

Click the images to shop any of these pup approved puzzles!

2. Durable Rope Leash from Kona Leashes- One thing our pup loves for certain, is a nice long walk. We’ve been through our fair share of leashes, and I can honestly say that our Kona leash is the most durable and comfortable leash to use. I love the carabiner style clip that comes with the Kona leash because I feel like Tucker is secure and when he sees a squirrel or get’s excited and gives the leash a tug, he’s not going anywhere! Even though the leash is durable, it is still one of the lightest leashes we’ve ever had, making it comfortable for me to hold on our long walks. On top of all this goodness, Kona donates food to local animal shelters for every product sold, and you can even nominate your local shelter for a food or product donation, how cool is that?!

Because Tucker is such a sweetie (wink, wink) he wants your furry friends to enjoy a Kona leash just like he has been! We have a deal for you!

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3. Foldable Travel Water Bottle- In the spirit of long walks, you gotta keep Fido hydrated! This foldable travel water bottle makes slurping up some H2O easy for your pup. Plus, it’s easy for you to take along on your adventures!

Click the images to shop these pet seatbelts!

We have always keep a pet seatbelt in our backseat to make taking Tucker along easy and safe. I love these styles of seatbelts because they easily clip to his harness and he can still sit comfortably on the seat. 

5. Bristly Dog Toothbrush & Chew – As much as I love my pup, I do not love his stinky breath! We’ve tried a long list of breath chews but have recently given the Bristly Dog Toothbrush a try. Tucker was a little unsure about the “toothpaste” that you put inside the brush at first, but he’s starting to warm up to it. A bonus to this chew styled toothbrush is Tucker thinks he is playing with a toy, but his teeth are getting a clean while he works! 

I hope you find these product suggestions useful. They have made my life easier and kept Tucker able to be on the go, safe, and healthy. Do you have a favorite dog gear item? I’d love to hear! Leave it in the comments.

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