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I know someone out there can relate if I tell you, Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal. We’re all guilty of it…getting sucked into an HGTV marathon, adding dream worthy pins to our Pinterest boards, and if you’re like me…driving your husband nuts with all of your home decor ideas and plans to update your space. Joanna and Chip Gaines have brought home rehabbing and intentionally planning your interiors to the forefront, which I AM HERE FOR. But, if you’re also like me…you may not have the budget to start knocking down walls, or adding wood beams to every room. This doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to refresh and update your space.

Recently, we went to the BIA Parade of Homes at Evans Farm, outside of Columbus, Ohio. Walking through these homes, I was in my happy place. It was like walking through all episodes of Fixer Upper, we’re talking jaw dropping, bright and airy modern interiors. After visiting these beautiful homes, I couldn’t help but think how can the average person update their current space to be more modern and on trend? It’s unrealistic to remodel your house every time the latest home decor trend takes off, but it’s important to update your space in small ways so you can truly enjoy and make the most of your living space.

 Personally, I love to change out little decor pieces and move small furniture (like an end table) around as the seasons change. Sometimes, something as simple as changing out throw blankets and pillows can give your room a different feel. I’ve put together some simple and affordable ways you can update your space. These small tweaks will help you bring freshness and functionality to your living space season after season. Does this mean I’ll stop adding to my Pinterest boards? Heck no! A girl’s gotta dream and more importantly always feel inspired. But these simple ideas to update your space are an attainable way to bring a little “Fixer Upper” into your home without the DEMO DAY. 

3 Simple and Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Home

Mix Textures & Update Colors with Season – Throw Pillows and Blankets

One of the easiest ways to update your space with the season and trends, is to change up throw pillows and blankets in your living or bedroom. When winter comes around, I love swapping out our throw pillows in the living room for cozier options. But, no matter the season if you’re looking for a way to update your living or bedroom space easily, start with throw pillows and blankets! 

Helpful Tips:

  1. Start with a neutral base: It can be daunting when trying to pick out a color scheme for something that will LIVE in your home. An easy way to get going, is to pick a neutral base color and work from there. I like to start with a gray or ivory base and then pull in other prints that might have hints of my base color to bring it all together. 
  2. Mix textures: Friends, don’t be afraid of texture. Having multiple textured pillows and blankets on display can add so much personality to your space. Don’t forget to pick some textures that are comfortable for you to lounge around with!
  3. Find a way to functionally display: So, you have all these fancy pillows and blankets laid out perfectly…but what happens when you actually want to sit down on your couch or lay in bed? Where do you put all this stuff!? Find a way to functionally display these items so when they’re not in use, they can still look like part of your room decor without adding clutter. I like to look for functional pieces like an oversized crate, or wicker basket to store my pillows and blankets when they’re not on display. This way, my room can still benefit from the colors and textures, but I don’t have clutter all over the place. 

Update your space with plants and greenery to bring a room to life

It’s crazy how the smallest little succulent can instantly brighten up a space. When I’m feeling the need to change up a room, I often head to the nursery to pick out a new plant friend, or even move around the existing plants I have to display them in new ways. Not only are you brightening your space when you add house plants, but many plants can also help with cleaning the air, reducing carbon dioxide levels, and helping reduce humidity among other many benefits.

Helpful Tips:

  1. Start with the easy stuff. If you’re new to being a plant parent, start with some easy to care for plants. When I first started brining plants indoors, I started with succulents. They require little light and you don’t have to water them often. Aloe, Snake Plant, and Golden Pothos are also great easy to care for house plants. Need other suggestions? Check out this article featuring “11 Hard-to-Kill House Plants,” from DIY Network. 
  2. Use a planter that can double as decor. The right planter can make such a difference in how you display your plant. I love finding unique pots that help make a statement in different rooms. Get creative! One of my favorite things, is to display a plant on a cake stand in our dining room. I can easily swap out the plant I’m displaying for a different look depending on the season. 

Use what you already have & display it creatively 

As tempting as it is, you don’t need to go on a HomeGoods spending spree to update your space. Look for items around your house and think of how you can display them in a better, more creative way. For example, in our kitchen we have stacked white dishes on our open shelving. Seems simple, but just changing the way the dishes are stacked and what is placed next to one another really can make a difference in the look of the space. 

Helpful Tips:

  1. Look to repurpose. Do you have an old dresser or end table that could use a refresh? Try to envision something with the paint stripped off, or painted a new color. Even changing out hardware on a dresser can make a world of difference. We had an old end table and really didn’t know what to do with it. But, we also needed a space for our coffee machine. My husband retained the end table, I added a cute coffee canister, and voila…we now have a cute coffee station without spending a ton of money!
  2. Household items can be decor too. Think of ways that you can display your household and everyday items in a more appealing fashion. For example, if you are a wine lover, look for an artful wine rack or piece that allows you to creatively display your wine glasses and bottles. Book lover? Artfully display books on shelving or add a colorful display of books to your coffee table, you’ll be surprised a how these little tweaks can elevate your space. 

Have you tried any of these home decor hacks before? I would love to hear about your favorite way to update your space! Please share in the comments or find me on Instagram: @the_lovelytwist

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  1. Do you know how hard it is not to Joanna my house since it isn’t actually mine? Love these simple tips–they’re easy enough to get my mom on board! We’ll be starting with plants and pillows! 🙂

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