Beauty Tip Thursday | How to Achieve Natural, Full Looking Brows

Unless you’ve been living in a beauty bubble, you are probably aware that brows have been having a MOMENT for quite some time. Gone are the days of the pencil thin over-waxed look, and I hope these days of full, natural looking brows are here to stay!

There are tons of products out there to help you shape and groom your brows (trust me, I’ve tried a bevy of them). In my experience, the Beautycounter Brow Gel, and Brow Pencil are the easiest, most efficient, natural looking options I’ve found! Plus, I love that Beautycounter gives me safe, clean beauty option.

Now, I am not a professionally trained makeup artist, but I am a real girl with some real life experience taming her brows. I’m also a real girl with a real time limit to get ready in the morning, and can’t spend hours making sure each brow hair is perfectly shaped. With the help of Beautycounter Brow Gel, and Brow Pencil here is how I make the magic happen… 

Beauty Tip - How to Achieve Natural Full Brows

Tip #1: Seek regular professional grooming

Okay, before we get into the how to’s this is an important step. I attribute my brow shape to the pros, meaning I go for a wax and shape up every few months. Everyone is different so you may need to go more often or less frequent than I. If you go to pro, they will be able to shape and trim your brows to the appropriate shape for your face. From there you’ll have a perfect template to go off of.  

Tip #2: Start with the brow pencil

I start filling in my brows with Beautycounter’s Brow Pencil. I find that the pencil offers long, smudge proof wear. Before I fill in, I use the brush on the end of the pencil and brush my brows upward. Then, I start at the edge of my hairline closest to the nose and use tiny strokes in the direction of hair growth. The goal for me, is to make the pencil look like actual hair so rather than outlining the entire brow I go in the direction of hair growth with light brushlike strokes to achieve a natural look. 

Step #3: Bring in the Brow Gel

Once I have a nice shape and fill to my brows, I finish with the brow gel. Beautycounter’s brow gel comes in 5 different colors, including clear to help you achieve full brows and smooth over any flyaway hairs. 

Same as the brow pencil brush, I use the wand of the brow gel to brush lightly in an upward direction. I am careful not to overdue it as the gel can quickly add more fullness to your brows. 

And that’s it! Easy as 1, 2, 3. While I do want an even, full look to my brows, I don’t obsess over having them be 100% identical. Don’t get me wrong, I am not leaving the house with one brow looking like Chewbacca and his brother looking like a pencil line. But,  I do think it’s more natural if I use my brow’s natural shape as a guide and not overdo it. The brow gel helps to add an element of texture, keeping my look fresh and organic. 



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