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Three things I love about podcasts: 

  1. I am obsessed with learning. Learning anything new, learning from someone’s perspective, discovering new brands, ways of thinking, ANYTHING. Podcasts are a gateway to endless opportunities to learn. Think of a topic you’re interested in and I bet you there’s a podcast about it. 
  2. I am equally obsessed with efficiency. If there’s something that’s going to save me time or help me do a task more efficient, sign me up. I love that I can listen to a podcast while driving, working out, doing housework or traveling. Podcasts allow me to get the info I crave while not slowing me down. 
  3. Podcasts don’t discriminate. Have a mic, a thought, and the gusto to get it out there? Guess what, you can podcast! Piggy backing on the variety of podcasts there are out there, there are just as many diverse podcast hosts. I know there’s room at the table for more, and I get excited every time I discover a new podcast. 

So, it’s only fitting that this Boss Babe feature, highlights some of my favorite women run podcasts. Traditional radio has been dominated by males (add that to the list huh?) But, women are forging their way into the podcast world and I am here FOR IT… ALL OF IT. I love listening to these strong, independent, inspirational women share their journeys, opinions and pour their hearts into helping others grow. If you haven’t had a chance to check out some of these podcasts I highly recommend doing so! Have a favorite that’s not listed here? Please share in the comments!

Boss Babes of The Month: Podcasting Women You Need to Know!

THE LADYGANG – Hello, hello, hello! If you listen to THE LADYGANG podcast, you’ll be greeted by this familiar tagline every episode and immediately feel like your at a fun brunch with your best gal pals, Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin.

THE LADYGANG was the first podcast I listened to regularly and ultimately hit that subscribe button for over 3 years ago! Week after week these ladies kept me laughing, guessing, and wanting more. Some weeks it’s just the three of them catching up, other episodes they interview amazing guests running the gamut from Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artists, the hottest stars in music and film, skincare and health experts and more!

I was drawn to this trio because they keep it real and aren’t afraid to truly tell it how it is. If you fall in love with them like I did, be sure to check out their TV show, Sunday nights on E! I’ve discovered so many other podcasts and resources from THE LADYGANG, and these boss babes just won’t quit – THE LADYGANG now has their own podcast network through PodcastOne.

Second Life – In high school, I had dreams of being in fashion journalism. I was obsessed with magazines like Elle so when I heard of Second Life podcast from the former Elle Magazine West Coast Editor, Katherine Power  and Elle contributor, Hillary Kerr (you might also know them as the masterminds behind Who What Wear), I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to check their podcast out!

Second Life is hosted by Hillary Kerr, and is a weekly spotlight of women who have made a major career pivot and fearlessly navigated the many unknowns of a “second life.” 

I find Second Life to be extremely motivating as each week you hear from someone new and are able to glean knowledge from their experience. From all different walks of life and professions, I look forward eagerly to each new episode to hear about the latest second life story. Second Life helps to reaffirm that it’s never too late to chase that dream. 

Sunday Jumpstart Podcast – this motivating podcast has new episodes every Sunday, to help you jumpstart your week and get after your goals. The SJS Podcast is hosted by lifestyle blogger and boss babe extraordinare, Jessica Lauren from No Real JewelryJessica is a hustler and I love the motivation and heart she pours out for her listeners every week.

Jessica shares tips for those who want to turn a side hustle into something more, her own experiences in growing her blog and brand, and interviews other boss babes who are out chasing dreams. Just like it’s name the Sunday Jumpstart Podcast really helps me jumpstart into a new week. I love how Jessica keeps it real with her audience and exudes positivity. Looking for a way to jumpstart your week and finally find the motivation to do that thing you’ve been talking about for years? The Sunday Jumpstart Podcast is the perfect place to start!

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast – Lauryn Evarts has created a blog, brand, and now podcast with her husband Michael Bostick. Together, Lauryn and Michael are the ultimate power couple, bringing new topics, guests and knowledge to their listeners weekly. 

Lauryn was a major reason why I pushed myself to start The Lovely Twist. Her no nonsense attitude and passion for blogging beauty and wellness is truly inspiring to me and I look forward to her new content regularly. 

The dynamic between Lauryn and Michael is hilarious and refreshing. They aren’t afraid to be blatantly honest with one another and you can tell they truly push one another to grow as individuals. The guests on TSC podcast range from entrepreneurs, wellness professionals, and celebrities – I am always pleasantly surprised and completely captivated by each episode. If you dig this couple’s vibe, check out the other podcasts on the Dear Media Podcast Network, a network focused on women in the podcast industry started by Michael himself. 

Food Heaven Made Easy – Best friends and registered dietitians Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones break down one of my favorite topics weekly: wellness and nutrition. The Food Heaven Made Easy Podcast is a newer podcast that I’ve really been enjoying.

Together Wendy and Jessica interview different experts in the wellness and nutrition field and help spread knowledge on how we can live healthier, more balanced lives. 

I love the real approach these women take to nutrition. Our health doesn’t need to be complicated, and these ladies help drive that point home. If you are interested in health and wellness or are looking for a manageable path to wellness, this podcast is for you! 

Other Favorites

I could probably list 20 other podcasting women I admire. I love how podcasting leads you to other creatives, entrepreneurs, and experts who you may have never discovered otherwise. I would love to hear what your favorite podcast is! If you love these boss babes, check out some of my other favorites below. 

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  1. Great post! I love a lot of these podcast but have never listened to food heaven! That’s going to be playing in my background today. Thanks for the input! Xo Britani

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