What’s In My Easter Basket | Simple Spring Must Haves

Did you get an Easter basket as a kid? Growing up, my mom – er…the Easter Bunny, would put together the best Easter baskets for us. Nothing too crazy or over the top, but they were filled with thoughtfully curated finds that fit each of us kids’ personalities. 

Now, as an adult I wish I could come home from Easter Sunday church to find a basket of some of my favorite things (don’t we all?)! 

In honor of the Easter basket tradition, I’ve put together a basket of my own to share with you! In this Easter basket you’ll hopefully discover something new that will bring you joy. Each of these items is one of my favorite products and serves a special purpose for the spring season. Enjoy! 

Inside My Easter Basket | Must Have Spring Items!

  1. Rothy’s “The Point” in Limited Edition Color, Sunshine – You know I love my Rothy’sso I couldn’t resist adding this perfect spring color to the basket. I love the subtle pop of color these sustainable shoes bring to any outfit. Keeping the lighter color clean didn’t worry me as they are machine washable! Want to brighten up your spring shoe collection? Use this link for $20 off your first pair of Rothy’s!
  2. Beautycounter Lip Gloss & Illuminating Highlighter – spring has sprung ladies! Time to freshen up your look with a subtle pink lip and glowy highlight. I’m obsessed with Beautycounters Lip Gloss (available in  12 shades). The gloss is the perfect pop of color, and gently moisturizes without drying out lips. Whenever I use the Illuminating Highlighter, I always get compliments on my skin (fooled ya!). The highlighter is so easy to use, just a few strategically placed swipes and you’ve got that glowy look everyone wants, especially in the spring and summer months. 
  3. A Guided Journal – I have been getting back into journaling regularly. A few minutes of just getting my thoughts out does wonders for my mindset. I love guided journals like “The 52 Lists Project,” because they provide prompts that get me thinking about different topics. I’m also able to freely jot down feelings that I may have otherwise not acknowledged. Spring is a perfect time to get into journaling and opening up your mind – I highly recommend this guided journal to do so! 
  4. Justin’s Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups & a cute scrunchie! – these last two items don’t require much explaining…Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups are the adult version of chocolate/peanut butter eggs and they are simply heavenly! I am also loving the scrunchie trend. A cute spring colored scrunchie is an easy way to dress up your ponytail and make you feel more pulled together if you’re quickly needing to get out the door. 
Beautycounter's Lip Gloss in color, "Peony," and the Illuminating Highlighter are 2 spring makeup essentials that help me quickly freshen up

Yes, Easter is about more than chocolate bunnies and hiding eggs. But something about this spring holiday always makes me nostalgic. I get excited when the familiar pastel hues start popping up in stores and fashion. The sight of a yellow tulip may make my heart do cartwheels. Easter season always brings about a sense of awakening. Time to dust off those winter blues and be reminded that each new season brings new life. 

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for your childhood Easter basket, or you’re busy putting your own little one’s basket together and feel the need to TREAT YO’SELF, I encourage you to check out my Easter basket favorites! 

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