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Ladies, we’ve all been there. Suffering in an uncomfortable bra. Straps either digging into your skin or slipping off your shoulders. Cups too tight or gaping. The worst thing is we are trained to think this is the only way. I’m a huge fan of any brand who is shaking up the norm and providing a better way to do something.  Third Love understands not all women are created the same, so bra sizes should not be cookie cutter. Offering 78 sizes in a range of band and cup sizes (even half cup sizes, yes half cup!), Third Love is changing the way women feel about their bras and frankly, I’m here for it! If you are among the 80% of women who wear the wrong size bra, you’ll want to check out Third Love bras. I was surprised to find myself in this club. I’d been measured in stores countless times and never questioned my size. It wasn’t until finding Third Love that I discovered there is a better match out there.

*I chose to purchase a Third Love bra on my own. You may opt to use use this link to receive $15 off your Third Love bra. In return I will receive a Third Love discount. 


Finding Your Fit With Third Love Bras

I was slightly skeptical when first trying Third Love. I had heard many people rave about how well these bras fit, how comfortable and barely there they are. To be honest, I thought, “yeah right, too good to be true.” 

Fit Finder Quiz

You’ll start by taking Third Love’s Fit Finder Quiz. The quiz is simple, and quick.You’ll be giving Third Love some feedback on what trouble areas you’ve had with bras in the past, a bra brand (if any) of yours that does fit and other fit concerns. From here Third Love will determine your size and offer style suggestions to best compliment your needs.

Order & Ship Time

After you complete the quiz, you’ll place your order on Third Love’s website. I was shocked at how quickly my bra arrived in the mail, so don’t be stressed about waiting for weeks for your new bra. If you decide to try out Third Love bras for yourself, you can use my referral link to save $15 off at checkout!

First Impressions

K, first impressions are everything, right? My first impression of my Third Love bra…what the heck took me so long! Finally a bra that actually fits. I don’t have to worry about straps falling down or cups gapping. I loved the way I looked in T-shirts and other blouses that I would normally throw a cardigan over to cover my awkward fitting bra up before. And yes, the hype is true…you can wear these bras all day and forget you have one on.

A Little Help From Customer Service 

I have tried 3 different Third Love styles so far. I loved my first style so much (The 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra,) that I wore it every day when I first got it. I started to notice a little wear, nothing major on the band and got super bummed thinking I’d be stuck with this fault product. After a quick chat session with Third Love’s amazing customer service, they explained that the wear I was seeing is not normal and they’d be crediting my account for a free replacement, and I could keep the bra I already had. I was so amazed at how responsive and helpful the customer service team was, that they’ve earned my loyalty all over again.

Since trying Third Love, I’ve broken up with by 8…yes 8 other bras that sat in my drawer not fitting correctly and causing me ALL THE PROBLEMS. I used to experience upper back pain at the end of a work day, which I attributed to sitting at a desk all day. Well, I don’t think it’s a coincidence but since switching to Third Love, that pain has gone bye bye (hello better support, nice to meet you). I love the confidence my Third Love bras give me to rock whatever shirt, dress, or tank I want and not feel self conscious about the fit. 

Try Third Love Bras For Yourself!

If you find yourself as one of the 80% of women who are in the wrong size bra, or you’re ready to breakup with ill fitting undergarments – give Third Love a try! Wary about buying a bra online before trying it on? I get that. Third Love offers a 100% fit guarantee. Meaning, if you are unhappy with the way your bra fits – return it and get your money back or exchange – no questions asked. They also have a 60 Day Fit Guarantee. Wear it. Wash it. Try it out. If you don’t love your new bra for any reason, they’ll take it back.

If you’re ready to give Third Love a try, you can use this link to receive $15 off your order!  

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