Beauty Tip Thursday: All About Them Brows

If the eyes are the windows to our soul, then I don’t know about you, but I’m making sure I have the best d*m$ curtains for those windows. K, maybe that’s a little dramatic…but we’re talking BROWS today people!

You know you can spot them from a mile away…those perfectly groomed, just full enough brows that so many of us aspire for. Trust me, I’ve been growing out my brows for what seems like years and spending time each morning carefully filling them in to their full potential (pun intended). 

It’s crazy how a nice groomed brow can  complete your look and make you look more put together and refreshed. Because I’m always after that brow game, I was so excited to try Beautycounter’s new Brilliant Brow Gel.

What's all the fuss about?


Reasons I’m obsessed with Beautycounter’s latest addition: 

  1. Clean Beauty…duh. No seriously, made with plant based waxes and butters this easy to apply brow gel is as safe as it is nourishing
  2. Time Saver. Any product that gives me back time in my day, I’m already a fan of. I instantly loved how easy this brow gel was to apply. In just a few swipes my look was complete and I was out the door. 

How do I know if Beautycounter's Brilliant Brow Gel is Right For Me?

The brow gel is perfect for anyone looking for a quick way to groom their brows, emphasize their look or add a hint of color to their eyebrows. 

Brilliant brow gel will make your brows appear fully and thicker, while the brush will help smooth and groom them out. 

If you’re looking for an even more dramatic and defined look, you can pair the brow gel with Beautycounter’s Color Define Brow Pencil. I like to use this dynamic duo when I’m getting ready for a night out and need to add a little extra drama.

K, tell me more...

If you’re looking to step up your brow game, Beautycounter’s brow gel comes in 5 shades:

  1. Invisible – For those days you just need a little extra grooming
  2. Light – great for those with light to dark blonde and/or strawberry blonde hair
  3. Medium – is a neutral medium brown. Perfect great for those with light to medium brunette hair
  4. Dark – Neutral deep brown for those who have dark brunette hair
  5. Soft Black – Cool soft black for deep brunette to black hair

Like I said, the brow gel is so easy to use and seriously saves me some extra time in the morning. You simply apply with the micro brush on the wand directly to your brows. Comb through the brow and follow the natural shape.

If you’re nervous about buying beauty products without seeing them in person, keep in mind that Beautycounter has a great 60-day return policy.

Need More Info?

If you have more questions about the Brilliant Brow Gel or any other Beautycounter products, please reach out to me!

You can contact me by email:

Or drop me a message on Instagram: @the_lovelytwist.

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