Follain, A Clean Beauty Retailer Obsessed With Non-Toxic, Luxury Skincare

“I like my products like I like my people, Non-toxic.”

When I saw this adorable and oh so true tag line stamped on the Clean Essentials Kit I received from Follain, I knew this would be a match made in heaven. One subject I am passionate about is learning as much as I can about cleaner product options, and doing my due diligence when it comes to making smart purchases for products I use on my skin, and around the house. Follain shares these same ambitions when it comes to skincare. 

Follain (pronounced foh-LANE) is the Irish Gaelic word for “healthy, wholesome, sound,” and perfectly describes Follain’s mission. As a clean beauty retailer, Follain offers a curated selection of luxury, safe, 100% non-toxic products. I have been researching and testing safer beauty products for years now, and one common problem I would run into is the product may be safe or cleaner than alternatives, but it just was not effective. With Follain, offering products that are effective and safe is at the heart of their mission. They believe that we shouldn’t have to compromise our health for beauty (I can 100% stand by this).

Follain’s mission so clearly aligned with Beautycounter (another safer beauty brand I am so passionate about…read more here!) that I was totally onboard when they asked me to sample their Clean Essentials Kit. 

Before a product is launched on Follain, it has to pass through their 5-step approval process where every item is:

  • Identified as the best of the best solution to a product need. Follain doesn’t just stock their shelves with anything, they focus on carrying the best products possible by gathering research on product solutions and determine what item best fits that need.
  • Researched. Each ingredient is checked against the restricted ingredients list. This list is also updated as new research and studies come out. 
  • Tested for effectiveness by aestheticians, dermatologists, makeup stylists and other pros. 
  • Validated. After testing, each product is validated by asking questions about process, purity and personality. It’s also a must that the brands represented with Follain are built on the shared values surrounding — supply chain safety, innovation and community building.
  • Launched. Before launch, the Follain team is educated on a products ingredients, benefits and usage. 


I was happy to test out the Follain Clean Essentials Kit, which features trial sizes of four everyday, non-toxic skin essentials. While I have a bullet proof skincare routine with my Beautycounter lineup, I am always on the hunt for new, clean beauty products, and was curious to see if I could add some of these items to my everyday. The answer is a resounding, “YES.” I am hooked on the OSEA Ocean Cleanser. It is super gyrating and gentle, and has been a huge savior to my skin this winter. The Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream lives up to it’s name and makes you look like you’re in a permanent golden hour. I’ve found the recovery cream to be a nice compliment to my Beautycounter Countermarch Recovery Sleeping Cream.

Learn more from Follain about what’s included in the Clean Essentials Kit:

OSEA Ocean Cleanser (0.6 oz) 

Sea minerals and organic red algae gently detoxify without disturbing skin’s protective barrier.

Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner (0.34 oz) 
Hyaluronic acid and aloe balance and hydrate skin. Antioxidant CoQ10 boosts collagen and fights free radicals.

Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream (0.23 oz) 
Meadowfoam seed oil delivers rich hydration; neroli oil promotes healthy glow; calendula extract soothes irritation.

Follain Refillable Soap (1 oz) 
Antioxidant-rich olive and jojoba oils gently hydrate and protect skin, while aloe vera gel soothes dryness.

The Go-Clean Pouch + A Special Offer 
You’ll also receive an offer for $10 off the full-size versions of these products. It all comes in a cute, reusable pouch as an added bonus. 

Follain's Clean Essentials Kit includes 4 products to help you start your clean skincare journey. Use code: ref15_fpjwj3 for 15% off!

Try Follain For Yourself!

If you’re interested in cleaning up your act and trying the Clean Essentials Kit, or any one of the clean beauty products Follain offers, use code: ref15_fpjwj3 for 15% off your order! If you try Follain, I would love to hear from you! 


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