Beautycounter Holiday Gift Guide

Making your list and checking it twice? If you are on my list this year, you will be finding some pretty Beautycounter products nestled safely under your tree. This year, Beautycounter’s holiday gift sets are absolutely amazing. Pretty packaging and bows aside, it is the content of these gift sets that gets me so excited! Every set whether it’s a lip gloss trio or a travel set is carefully curated with the best of the best in mind. Because the gift sets contain a mix of top sellers and holiday exclusives, they make the perfect gift for Beautycounter alumni and newbies alike! Ready to hear more? 

Holiday Gift Guide | Give the Gift of Safer Beauty This Season

For The Makeup Maven

I don’t know about you, but I get giddy excited over new makeup. Fresh palettes, creamy lipsticks – gotta have it! Beautycounter has some seriously luxurious makeup sets for the makeup lover in your life this season. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Mini Color Intense Lipstick Vault & Mini Lip Gloss Vault – these sets are perfect for the gal who loves variety the Lipstick Vault contains 8 colors fitting for any skin tone, and the lip gloss vault contains 10 pretty glosses for a more subtle hint of color. These sets are also perfect for breaking apart and giving as small gifts to friends or stuffing stockings with!

First Light Highlighter Palette – confession, Santa dropped this pretty palette of to me early this year and I am LOVING IT. The highlighter palette contains 3 finely milled pearlescent powders in naturally luminous shades that are sure to give you that infamous holiday glow we all lust after.

Velvet Eyeshadow Palette – Iconic & Necessary Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette – you really cannot go wrong with either of these luxe eyeshadow palettes. The Velvet Eyeshadow Palette contains some more versatile bold shades, perfect for holiday parties. With the Necessary Neutrals Palette you’re getting 18 long wearing shades perfect for everyday use. 

For The Family

What better gift for everyone on your list than the gift of safer products? These perfectly curated gift sets are great ideas for any family member from little tikes, to the man in your life there is a Beautycounter set for all!

Let’s start with the man on your list. Guys can be so challenging to shop for sometimes! But if there’s one thing that every man can appreciate (and let’s admit it, needs) is a good skincare routine. Beautycounter’s Counterman Set comes 4 easy to use items wrapped up in a travel case, so your guy can take it on the go or store it away at home (also so he can stop stealing your products…c’mon guys we all know you do it!).  Beautycounter’s Counterman set will ensure your guys is well equipped with the Daily Exfoliating Cleanser, Smoothing Shave Cream, Cooling Aftershave Tonic and Oil-Free Face Lotion.

The Clean Beauty Go-To’s set  for a busy gal on the go who needs those staple items easily accessible. This is also a great item for those preteens and teens in your life as it includes favorite skin care essentials for clearer-looking skin, plus makeup basics that are easy to use. 


For those kiddos on your list, or friends and family with little ones – the Beautycounter Splashtime Kids Set is adorable and a perfect way to make bath time fun (and safe)! Pair with some cute bath time toys and you’ve got yourself a gift that’s sure to be followed with some giggles and bathtime fun. 

Onto one of my favorite gift options, the Charcoal Essentials SetI am not exaggerating when I say that adding the charcoal mask to my skincare routine has transformed my skin and helped me clear up some horrible acne I had been struggling with. This set is a perfect way to pamper someone in your life and gift them a wonderful skincare combo. 

Read more about my experience with the Charcoal Mask here:

Make Sure You're On The Nice List

There’s much more fun to be had and many more holiday gift ideas from Beautycounter. These gifts are simply some of my favorite, but don’t let that stop you from exploring all of the beautifully curated gift sets Beautycounter has to offer this year. Check out all of Beautycounter’s Holiday Items here!


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