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This summer as my fiancé and I juggle summer activities, work, and wedding planning, we’ve realized finding creative ways to show love and appreciation to one another is as important as ever.  One thing  we’ve learned is this commitment to one another means choosing each other every day.

I couldn’t help being reminded of this choice one night when I was watching of all things…The Bachelorette. This particular episode was at the point of the infamous rose ceremony. The whole premise of the rose ceremony is to mutually show each parties choice in continuing the relationship. The bachelorette offers up a rose and asks the gentlemen if they accept – one by one these guys make the choice to continue in their journey. For some reason, watching this silly reality show, the idea of the rose ceremony got my wheels turning.

On days when I am less than pleasant or have had a hard day at work, it’s so easy to snap or become annoyed easily. These are the days where my fiancé (and myself) need to take a step back and be reminded that we chose one another. In good times and bad, in sickness, health and mood swings, I am so grateful my guy chose me. Earlier that day, my fiancé had left for a business trip and surprised me with a dozen roses before he left. The sweet gesture was a nice reminder that he chose me as well as a creative way for him to show me love.

To make sure we stay connected and focused on showing each other love through the stressful times, there are some creative things my guy and I do to show love for one another.  Engaged, married, or dating – I hope you can find ways to put these these creative ideas to show to use!

3 Creative Ways to Show Love to Your Significant Other

Write It Down

No surprise here, I’m best with a pen and paper. Early on in our relationship I started leaving my fiancé little notes. Nothing fancy, often times just a “hey, I appreciate you,” kinda message. These notes have evolved and become quite a habit of ours. If he is leaving for a business trip, or if I’ve had a busy week at work, you better believe some surprise notes are often found in our home. It’s crazy how taking 5 seconds out of your day can transform someone else’s mood. I know my spirits are lifted when I find a sweet note from my guy.

Need some love note inspiration? Check out these adorable ways to show love by writing it down!

Get Creative With Date Night

One thing we always make time for is a good date night. I can tellwhen we haven’t taken the time to connect…I start to feel frustrated and distant from him (yes, probably slightly unpleasant to be around)…right around this time is when we know we gotta make time for one another. Date night doesn’t have to break the bank, and it doesn’t always need to involve a fancy dinner out.

 Date Night In Box

We have loved using Date Night In Box as a fun way to make date night easy and meaningful. With Date Night In Box, you are sent a monthly box that includes everything you need to have a date night at home. The dates are always creative, and include an activity to complete together. We have had hilarious scavenger hunts, made a scrap book, and even had to guide each other blindfolded around the house. Date Night In Box even provides a menu and grocery list for a dinner to cook together. I love when we have these special date nights. The guess work and planning is taken care of, and I always end the night feeling recharged. If yo are looking for a creative way to show your significant other some love, I highly suggest checking out  Date Night In Box.

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Try Something New

Another way to creatively show love is to step out of your comfort zone. I tend to be a creature of habit and routines…and especially planning. Sometimes it’s healthy to mix it up. What better way to bond than to try something new to both of you?! Maybe your significant other has a hobby that isn’t exactly up your alley. Take the step to show interest and suggest that next time your guy goes fishing, you could go together. Here are some other cute ways to try something new with your significant other.

  • Take a cooking class together
  • Try your significant other’s favorite hobby
  • Build something together
  • Try cooking a new type of food
  • Plan a special date for one another
  • Visit a nearby town you are unfamiliar with and explore
  • Plan your own “trail,” – look up donut shops, coffee shops, or breweries in your area take the day and plan to visit each of them, making your own little check list to check off!

Feeling inspired to show your person some love? I hope so! We spend time working on our fitness, diets, careers, and taking care of endless to-dos around the house. Your relationship requires maintenance too! Don’t forget that, and don’t be afraid of it! I hope I’ve inspired you with different ways to creatively show love and spend time with one another. What is your favorite way to show love? Share in the comments!

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