Boss DUDE of The Month | Father’s Day Edition

You read that right, Boss DUDE. This Month’s Boss Babe is the OG Dude in my life, my Dad. I thought it would be fun to do a special Boss Dude for the month of June, to honor my dad for Father’s Day.

First, I think it’s important that we talk about Father’s Day. Years ago, while attending a Sunday church service for Father’s Day, the pastor made a statement that I haven’t been able to shake. He spoke about the difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in our society. It went something like this:

Mother’s Day – we pamper our mom’s, praise them for their handwork and role in our lives, almost glorify them.

Father’s Day – society shifts and uses this as an opportunity to “call men to action,” inspire them to be better Dad’s and role models…and not as striking, but raise your hand if your Dad BBQ’s his own Father’s Day meal (*hand raising*).

Now, I am not by any means saying we should not spoil our Mother’s – they are rockstars and deserve the world. But, why doesn’t Dad deserve the same? Society, culture, social influences, whatever you want to draw reference from, has conditioned us to associate certain feelings and responsibilities differently for Mom and Dad. Thank about it…when you think of your Mom or the motherly figures in your life you probably have feelings of being nurtured, cared for, someone you can confide in, a permanent fixture in your life. Now, think about Dad or the fatherly figure in your life. Some might associate, authority, discipline, someone who teaches you things, someone who works…a lot. Dad’s are also often portrayed in movies, stories, media as figures who might not play a role in their children’s lives…someone who is absent – and while this is certainly a reality for many families, it does cast a dark shadow of the Dad’s who are very much present in the lives of their families.

Okay, now that I’ve got your wheels spinning, I want to share with you 3 memories I have with my Dad and what these memories taught me. Why am I doing this? First, I want to make a point that as children (and adults) we need our Dad’s as much as Mom. While society may not associate flowers, spa days and spoiling with Father’s Day I think it’s important to shower the Dad’s in our lives with just as much praise and recognition as we do their counterparts. Second, I hope to inspire you to take time and acknowledge your Dad or fatherly figure in your life this Father’s Day. Last, I want the words here to be a gift to my Dad…my version of his spa day or bouquet of flowers…a small reminder that I see all he has done for me throughout the years. Like many father’s and daughters, our relationship has not always been perfect. It’s been tested, strained, full of happy and hard times. Looking back, I would never ever change a thing because he has helped shape me into who I am today.

Memories with My Dad


I was probably 4 or 5 years old (yes, I do remember that far back…I played the memory game a lot as a kid ok – Like an elephant…I NEVER FORGET!). My Dad and I were playing hide and seek. I was still an only child at the time and he was probably giving me a break from playing with my imaginary friends ( I had 3…#onlychildprobs). My Dad, who was in the Air-Force at the time – so pretty physically, fit decided a great spot to hide would be under my twin bed. When I finally found him and patted myself on the back for “winning” hide-and-seek, the mood when from joy to terror in about 2 seconds when I realized…Dad was stuck. “This is it,” my little mind thought, “My Dad has to LIVE UNDER MY BED.” I started to panic, which led to tears and true fear that my Dad would be stuck under my little bed forever. No more play time at the park, movies, or adventures with Dad…under the bed was his new home. Now, in reality he obviously knew he could escape from underneath the bed. My Dad was laughing as he struggled to get out from underneath his new home, which he ultimately succeeded at. Me on the other hand, with tears streaming down my face this was the worst day of my short time on Earth

Me & My Dad: Left – probably shortly after he became “un-stuck” Right – vacation in 2017

Looking back, I now laugh at this memory. The idea of my Dad (or anyone) living under a bed is quite hilarious  – even more so, that I thought this was a true possibility. So, why has this memory quite literally…stuck with me? I think it is the first time I can remember fear of loosing my Dad. At 5 years old, an innocent game of hide-and-seek turned nightmare taught me I need my Dad. Sure, back then my priorities were much different than they are now as an adult, but the principle is still the same. When I thought my Dad was going to be stuck under the bed forever I felt: scared, sad I was loosing my friend, and a little uneasy about how I would navigate life without the big guy who protects me. Dad, I am glad you became un-stuck and I didn’t have to navigate life without you.

Ice Cream & Movies

My parents divorced when I was about 8 years old. As we all tried to find our new normal one routine quickly sunk into place and it involved two things that are still my favorite today: Ice Cream & Movies. My sister and I were fortunate enough to still get to spend a lot of time with both our Mom and Dad. But, we always knew going to Dad’s house meant a walk to the ice cream shop, two dirt-pudding sundaes, and if we were lucky a movie.

To this day, I am still flooded with memories of going to the movies with my Dad every time I step into a theater. If we didn’t go to a movie, we rented one. We each got to pick a movie of our choice. I would often stay up late and watch my Dad’s movie with him, which was usually the latest military, action, or Jackie Chan film. How many 9 year old girls do you know actually enjoy watching Braveheart? I credit my love for action movies (and knowledge of who William Wallace is) to my Dad. This time we spent together is much more than ice cream & movies. It was memories made that still hold a place in my heart today. Of course, I love ice cream, but I probably love it a little more because I have special memories with my Dad with my sticky hands enjoying that big cup of dirt pudding. Can I quote the most famous lines of Braveheart, or the Gladiator movies? DUH, I can!   But it’s not because I am a Mel Gibson aficionado. It’s because action movies remind me of my Dad. Staying up past my bedtime watching those maybe slightly inappropriate (but, who’s making the rules?) movies for a little girl to watch, are happy memories of our time together.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Flat Tires

There are countless times throughout my life where the first person I ran to when I found myself in a pickle was my “my old man.” When I was a kid and I fell off my bike, or had an accident on vacation resulting in two scars I still wear as battle wounds today – Dad was the first (and only person) I ran to, looking for him to make it all better.

As I got older and life changed, those cuts and bruises turned into flat tires, endless car problems, help understanding my taxes, and broken hearts.  Still to this day, I tend to reach out to my Dad when I am facing a situation I need advice or guidance on. So, thank you Dad for being the fixer of all of the “flat tires,” life has thrown my way.

This Father’s Day, I challenge you to think of your own Stuck, Ice Cream & Movies, and Flat Tire memories with your Dad or the Father Figures in your life. Take some time to acknowledge these memories and that person in your life who helped make them possible. Your Dad may BBQ his own Father’s Day meal, and if he’s anything like mine he will never ask for special recognition. But.. I have a feeling if you take a little time and show the father figure in your life how much he is appreciated it will be something he will never forget…and you might get an ice cream cone out of it ;).

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