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Lately, life has been busy, and I mean BUSY. Between planing a wedding, work, the blog, house chores, and family + friend obligations I feel like Corbin and I have been running from one thing to the next. At the end of a hectic week, a date night is just what we needed, BUT the couch and sweatpants was also calling my name. Date Night In Box made it possible for us to enjoy a special night together within the comfort of our own home. This month’s Date Night In Box is one we will look back on with a smile for years to come.

The Date Details

As with every good date, Date Night In Box starts with a delicious dinner. Each month, your Date Night In Box will come with a suggested dinner to prepare. You can head to the Date Night In Box website for an already curated meal by Marina of Marina Makes. This month’s dinner of a delectable baked ziti did not disappoint (still dreaming of it). I love cooking for my guy, but something about having an already planned dinner and shopping list makes it even more enjoyable.

After dinner we got to the fun stuff. Our box included a disposable camera (yes, you read that right), and a list of photos we had to take around the house. Let me tell you, we were laughing SO HARD. I can’t wait to get those photos developed!

After stretching our photographic skills to the max, we were ready for a snack. Each Date Nigh

t In Box  comes with a unique treat for you to prepare and enjoy together. We diligently got to work decorating our Oreo pops with the candy melts provided and went straight into a sugary bliss. Although the Oreo pops were hard to top, my favorite part of the date was filling out our, “Story Of Us,” book. Together, we filled in the details of the early days and jotted down notes for our future dreams. This special book has now become one of my most cherished memories of us and I cannot wait to look back on it and add to it as the years go by.

No matter how busy life gets, it is so important to stop and appreciate your significant other. I can’t recommend Date Night In Box enough for this very reason. After a crazy week, we would have likely made dinner and plopped our behinds into the depths of the couch cushions. With Date Night In Box  delivered to our doorstep, a memorable evening of laughing, disconnecting from technology and making special memories was possible. I love that we do not have to plan a thing, simply show up and Date Night In Box has the rest covered.

How to Have Your Own Date Night In

If you are curious about Date Night In Box, head to their site and check out more information. You can purchase a single date, 3, 6, or one year subscription – I can promise you won’t regret it! You can also check out my other Date Night In Box review here! Think about it, the average cost of a date night out is $100. This is not counting the gas it takes to get to your location, picking out an outfit to impress, making reservations (or the stress of waiting for a table), and talking over a crowd. A Date Night In Box costs only $34.99 and gives you the freedom to make date night count again, and spend that time focused on one another in a stress free and fun way.

Do you have a favorite date night experience? I would love to hear what your dream date night would consist of!

All the Details You Need:

Information to get your own date night in at home: Date Night In Box Website

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