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I am kicking off a new series on the blog highlighting a Boss Babe who inspires me each month. What is a Boss Babe you ask? To me, a Boss Babe can be anyone (LGBTQ) who is forging their own path, making a splash, or sharing a passion in their own unique way. Many of my favorite Boss Babes are doing such amazing things that I find it insane to NOT share with as many people as I can.

*Totally fan-girling out as I plan this series and thinking of all the amazing, strong, powerful bosses I can’t wait to highlight.*

Who is this month’s Boss Babe?

I am so excited to start off the Boss Babe of The Month series with this amazing, inspirational, motivating and insanely smart boss girl. Kelly Leveque, of Be Well By Kelly, has become my go-to resource for all things holistic nutrition, wellness, and health related. Kelly is a nutritionist and celebrity health coach responsible for the nutrition and wellness of celebs like Jessica Alba, Chelsea Handler, Molly Sims and more (um, yes please sign me up.)! She is the author of the book (which has become like a second bible to me), Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama ForeverBefore venturing out on her own and starting her own consulting business, Kelly worked in the medical field doing insanely smart work like offering tumor gene mapping to oncologists so cancer patients could have more personalized treatment (….what!?).

Why you should get to know her…

I first was introduced to Kelly through The Skinny Confidential podcast with Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick (they deserve an entire post all to themselves…in the works!). 2 minutes into hearing Kelly spill her knowledge and I was beyond hooked. Kelly is packed full of helpful information and you can tell she is truly passionate about helping people live their best life. Her method for healthy eating and nutrition is not a diet it’s a way of life. Kelly actually debunks several diet “myths.” I was geeking out listening to her scientifically explain why counting calories or elimination diets like the Whole 30 are not sustainable ways of life or the most effective ways to cut pounds.

Listen to Kelly on TSC Podcast Here:

(TSC Him and Her Show Episode 67: Be Well By Kelly // Be Well By Kelly: Part II)

After listening to all of the podcasts I could find with Kelly Leveque, I knew I HAD to go out and read her book, Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever.

The preach fest continued, and I have learned so much about my body and how food truly is tied to everything. Through Kelly’s Fab Four method of making sure your meals consist of Healthy Fat, Fiber, Protein and Greens, people have seen results not only loosing weight, but having more energy, helping with conceiving, clearing up skin problems, and a slew of other medical issues that can be caused by poor eating habits. Kelly spills knowledge on how what and when we eat affects our blood sugar, which affects our mood, our hunger patterns, the food choices we make, our energy levels, essentially EVERYTHING. Kelly explains this science behind this in a way that makes sense and is easy for me to make the connection between what she is saying and how I may have experienced this in the past.


I have been incorporating a Fab Four Smoothie every morning for breakfast for about 6 weeks now, and HOLY COW can I tell a difference. I try to keep the Fab Four mindset when I am making lunches and dinners as well and can 100% tell a difference in how I am feeling if I slip up and have a non Fab Four meal. Within the first week of having the smoothies for breakfast I noticed a difference in the way my clothes were fitting as well as how I felt. I was clear headed, not hungry till lunch time, and full of energy. If you are curious about the Fab Four method, Irecommend easing into it with the smoothies – read more here!

Kelly’s method of healthy living is rooted in her goal of helping others “live in balance” and “free yourself from food drama.” We have all been there…the guilt that comes with having an extra slice of pizza or over indulging at the desert table. You feel good in the moment, but the wave of guilt and insecurities come after. Kelly’s method helps you free yourself from this food guilt, by:

  1. Teaching you to make smart food choices
  2. Giving you tools to autocorrect your body after you have that pizza or cake
  3. Helping you to plan ahead when you know you may over indulge a little 

I love Kelly’s method of healthy living and nutrition because it makes sense, and it is easy. It’s simple: protein, fat, fiber, greens on repeat. Another reason I trust Kelly’s method is the passion she exudes when she is sharing her knowledge and helping clients. If you listen to these podcasts or pick up her book, Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever, you can tell she is passionate about her work and genuinely loves leading others to a healthy life. Well Kelly, mission accomplished. I am hooked and cannot wait to continue this healthy lifestyle using the resources you have put out. If you guys are interested in more, I urge you to check out Kelly’s website, or pick up her book…I promise you that you will not regret it!

Interested in trying out a Fab Four Smoothie for yourself? Check out my recipe of the week:

      • 20 g protein powder (I have been using a vanilla chai powder from Thrive Market)
      • 10g Fiber ( I have been using ground flax this week but you can use a fiber powder, chia seeds, etc)
      • 1 tsp fat (raw almond butter or coconut oil)
      • Handful of greens (spinach)
      • Superfood (coconut oil or coconut flakes, this week I’ve been using the blend of chia,coconut and cacao pictured below and using it towards the 10g fiber as well)
      • Liquid (8-10 oz of water/crushed ice)

If you try any of Kelly’s methods or pick up her book, I would LOVE to hear what you think! Do you have a boss babe that is inspiring you this month? Tell me about them in the comments!









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  1. I Love this book and have started using a lot of the suggestions and have tried some of the recipes… Thanks to my daughter who told me about the book. 🙂 This week I started using coconut oil for baking and have been putting 1 – 2 tsp. in my morning coffee. I like the taste and I feel like it is really making a difference in my hair, skin, and digestive tract to name a few. Thanks!

    1. I’m glad this book has been helpful to you! Coconut oil is amazing for our hair, skin, and digestion!! xoxo

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