My Favorite Valentine’s Day Blog Posts: Single, Taken, Hopelessly Romantic? Read More for the Cutest V-day ideas!

It’s here, the dreaded, beloved, infamous Hallmark Holiday is upon us. Whether you are taken, single, madly in love or far from it…I’ve got you covered on ideas for Valentine’s Day. I have linked some of my favorite Valentine’s Day posts from myself and other bloggers. We cover activity ideas, date nights, galentine’s ideas and gift guides! However you spend today just remember, it’s only a day…same as any other, so why not show yourself or other’s in your life some extra love!

Life By Chellie / Me Day!

Chellie shares her history with Valentine’s Day and puts a positive spin on her heartbreaks. She has a hilarious and optimistic outlook to any situation which I LOVE! In this post Chellie breaks it all down for you – highlighting ideas on how to pamper yourself, the cutest V-day looks and even a playlist! Check her out!

Lake Shore Lady / Galentine’s Day Recipe 

Lauren of Lake Shore Lady highlights an easy (and tasty) Galentine’s Day recipe. If you’re not celebrating Galentine’s Day – you need to! We should show love to everyone including the amazing gal pals in our lives. I love this quote from Lauren’s Blog, and her cracker recipes (pictured below) for a Galentine’s Day celebration look ah-may-zing! You’ll want to check them out yourself!

*Image credit to Lake Shore Lady

Pint Sized Beauty / Valentine’s Day Makeup 

Date night out, in, or Netflix and pizza..whatever your V-day plans are, yoe to feel BEAUTIFUL. Lilly from Pint Sized Beauty details her essentials for a flawlessly glam Valentine’s Day look. From nail polish to lashes, this girl has you covered. Plus, check out this beautiful image from her blog! You’ll want to click and read more about Lily’s Valentine’s Day Makeup recs.

*Image credit to Pint Sized Beauty


Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts For Couples

Last week I posted some gift ideas for you couples out there. These gifts focus on qualiy time, and building a strong foundation to any relationship. I think these gift ideas are a cute date night or special gift for your SO year round! Check this post out to read more about Date Night In Box, 31 Creative Ways To Love, The 5 Love Languages, and Cooking at home together.

Baby You Should Go and Love Yourself: Remembering the Importance of Self Love This Valentine’s Day

This is probably one of my favorite posts to date. I share my struggle with self love, how to overcome this, and my favorite ways to focus on myself. It’s more than ok to put yourself first, its actually very HEALTHY. Remember to take some time this Valentine’s Day, and every day for that matter to put yourself first…the rest will follow.


Whether you are single, married, newly dating or not a fan of Valentine’s Day I hope these posts have given you some great ideas on how to spend this “holiday” or even just fun ideas to treat yourself and others. How are you spending this Valentine’s Day?






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