Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts For Couples

Valentine’s Day is one of those “holidays” where people either:

1. Have no idea what to get their significant other or 

2. Fall into the trap of the stereotypical gifts including chocolate and flowers.

Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but why not make your gift REALLY count this year? Something I’ve done the past few years for my fiancé is get him a meaningful gift that shows my appreciation for him or helps us to continue to build and grow together (or sometimes both!). With the busyness of our schedules and other commitments, I welcome Valentine’s Day and really any day that gives us an excuse to unplug and reconnect. If you are stumped in the creative gift department, I’ve got ya covered! I’ve put together this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Couples for those of you who want to find something unique and meaningful to give to your significant other for Valentine’s Day.

Date Night In Boxes

IMG_61991I really enjoyed our Date Night In Box. If you are looking for a creative way to have a date night, look no further. Date Night In Box will send you everything you need for a date night at home. One of my favorite parts of the date night was the activity we completed together. I won’t spill the beans too much, but the idea is that you end the date night feeling more connected as a couple. If you want to know more about this date subscription service, head to my Date Night In Box blog review.

31 Creative Ways To Love & Encourage

We read the 31 Creative Ways books last year and I would read them again in a heart beat!  Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke detail simple ways to creatively love your partner. The daily chapters are short but packed with meaning. Everyday you are left with a task on how to show your partner love that day. Some days are serious reflection points, and others are more humorous and cute ways to show your love. It was fun to read something together and was great to hear advice from another couple’s perspective.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

If you’re into the idea of reading a book together I suggest The 5 Love Languages. Everyone has a different way they respond to and show love. It’s important as a couple to understand each others  Love Languages. Plus, taking time to put away technology and read something together is special in itself.

Cook Together

Quality time, and a good meal…what more could you ask for? I love being relaxed and in my own kitchen, preparing a good meal with my partner. Going out to eat is fun, but not as satisfying as knowing you put in the work to create the dinner yourself. Look up some creative Valentine’s reciepies, or gift your guy some cookbooks and kitchen essentials with a cute note detailing your plans for your at home cooking session. Here are some cute ideas for your date night in the kitchen.

Date Night In: More than 120 Recipes to Nourish Your Relationship / The Date Night Cookbook: Romantic Recipes & Easy Ideas to Inspire from Dawn till Dusk / DCI Bamboo Heart Shaped Wooden Spoon 2 Pack / Elegant Ceramic Heart Shaped Dinner Plate /Colorful Heart Garland Bunting

If you get creative this Valentine’s Day I would love to hear your ideas! Whatever you end up going with, try to remember that it’s important to invest in spending quality time together.  The gift of connecting as a couple will be a better investment than any candy hearts (although those are tasty too).





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