4 Resources To Keep You Organized This New Year

Your goals are set, you are full of that New Year pep in your step, now time to get organized! It’s happened to me before…I get so caught up in making goals and to-do lists that I forget to stop and get myself organized. It’s one thing to put a goal down on paper, but it’s another to put it into motion. In this daily culture of constantly being on the go, it is so easy to loose sight of what you need to accomplish. Don’t let your goals be lost in the shuffle this year. Take a step to get organized and stay on track. Here are some great resources to help you stay organized and focused each day.

It’s All You Boo

Nadine, founder of It’s All You Boo, is a creative entrepreneur turned goal slayer. It’s all You Boo is full of resources for planning an goal setting. A great place to start is the Slay Your Goals Planner. This resource is more than a planner. It is a 60 page printable resource filled with encouragement, guided prompts, a date free layout so you can personalize to your needs, and space to reflect on progress. There are also several free resources to help get you started on your goal slaying, including a New Years Resolution Quiz.

Daily Planners

Something I would be lost without is my daily planner. It may seem little old school, but something about putting appointments down on paper just makes it stick better in my mind. I’ve been loving the Day Designer Daily Planner because I am able to list out to-do’s by the hour.

This planner gives me a good snap shot of what my day should look like. I’ve also linked some other favorites below.

Notebooks and Gratitude Journals

Anyone else geek out over a new notebook? You will not find me at a meeting or appointment without my notebook. Writing out key points or takeaways throughout the day is a great way to keep yourself on track and make physical notes of what you need to accomplish. Between work, home, and focusing on yourself, things are bound to fall through the cracks. Having notes to look back on will help you in the long run.

I have mentioned gratitude journals in the past, but I’m plugging them again because I truly feel that passionate about their purpose. There’s something about reflecting on all you have to be grateful for that keeps you grounded. Regular reflection also keeps you focused on your goals and helps promote a positive mindset. Everything is not always roses, but if you can find at least one thing a day to reflect on and be grateful for, I promise your overall mindset will be healthier and healthy mindset means you are more likely to pursue your goals. I’ve linked some favorite cute (and functional) notebooks and gratitude journals.


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  1. I have like two different planners I keep track of everything in. And I always make sure I have tons of notebooks around the house too since I am always writing stuff down!

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