Monthly Goals: December 2017

Blink and another month has gone by! Time for another monthly goals post and to recap on my November goals. I am not here to report that I checked every box on my to-do list. I am here to share I’m  human, and life happens. As we near the end of the year, if there are things you wanted to get done this year but haven’t, or resolutions that didn’t stick, DO NOT be discouraged. Take some time to reflect and set goals for next year. Take comfort in the fact there are countless others just like you who are striving…no one is perfect.

November Monthly Goals Recap

Are you wondering when November happened? Between work, home, prepping for the holidays, my head is spinning. I felt more present and connected this month as I made it a rule we unplug at the dinner table. By scheduling tie for blogging and making a calendar plan for content, I freed up some time to be more productive in other areas.  I had time to journal and continue my The 52 Lists Project. While I did not finish a book this month, I did join a bookclub, and I’m excited to have an excuse to shut down and escape from reality for a little. I’ll be reading Bonfire, by Kristin Ritter. If you’ve read it, I would love to know what you think. Who knows maybe I’ll leave a little book review for you all!

While I did not hit my goal of 20 Pure Barre classes (I finished the month at 16 classes), I DID take an empower class every week. For my cardio goal I wanted to get a cardio workout at least twice a week. Well, that flat out did not happen. I’m not even going to bore you with my excuses as to why. However, my fiancé and I ran a 4 miler on Thanksgiving morning…which in my opinion earned me some extra mashed potatoes.

In both home and work I am feeling more on track. I made time to declutter some clothes and prepare for the holiday madness. I’ve prioritized things for the blog and content planning which has freed up some time for household chores. All in all it was a successful month and my favorite part was enjoying Thanksgiving with my family and making new traditions with my fiancé.

December Monthly Goals

I’m excited to share my monthly goals with you! I love the month of December (not just because it’s my Birthday month, or Christmas…but that sure helps). I feel like the air hangs differently as everyone is anticipating the end of the year. People are preparing for the holidays, twinkle lights are twinkling, and the sweetest memories are made. One of my biggest points of focus this month is to not get caught up in all of the things that “need to get done,” the goals I want to set for next year, and most importantly the things that I didn’t get done in 2017. This month, I’m taking time to focus gratitude on all of the things that did happen this year: the unexpected, challenging, rewarding, and amazing changes that I grew through this year.

Blank November Goals

If you want to join me in setting some goals for this month, please download this Free Monthly December Goals Template I’d love to hear what monthly goals you are setting! Also, if you want to join me in reading Bonfire, by Kristin Ritter, or tackling your own 52 Lists Project, you can get purchase your own copies with these links:

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