Why I fell in love with Au Naturale Cosmetics, and the products to get you started on your #CleanBeautyRevolution

We’re conscious about what we eat, what products we clean with, we recycle, and try to conserve energy use. What about your skincare or beauty products? These products are being applied directly to our skin, for HOURS of our days, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Aren’t you curious what your are putting on your body?

I became more conscious of the ingredients in my makeup and skincare when I was buying beauty products for an online retailer. Part of my job was to research new brands and get them on our website, as well as keep up with the latest trends in beauty. Au Naturale is one of the brands I fell in love with and they keep clean beauty at the core of their business.

I love this brand for so many reasons, but I’m going to highlight THREE of the MANY reasons I love Au Naturale Cosmetics, as well as recommend a product for you to try. I hope you will become a believer in their product, after reading and trying for yourself!

I first fell in love with the story of Au Naturale Cosmetics. Au Naturale was born from founder Ashley Page’s mission to create healthy, ethical, and natural beauty products that left her skin feeling as glowing and healthy. Since 2011, Au Naturale has grown beyond it’s brand to start a Clean Beauty Revolution. I love the mission of the Clean Beauty Revolution, and the fact that this company was born from a need for clean beauty combined with the dream of a strong woman entrepreneur…how awesome is that!?

Second, everything from Au Naturale is hand made in the good ole US of A, in the Au Naturale Lab which calls Green Bay, WI home (shout out to my midwest babes!). Oh, and how could I forget…everything is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free, gluten free, sustainably made & ethically sourced. This is product you can SERIOUSLY feel (and look) good using!

Third, Au Naturale is passionate about their cause. Au Natural has started the Clean Beauty Revolution, demanding and advocating for the consumer’s right to have knowledge to the ingredients that go into products we are consuming. The Clean Beauty Revolution is calling for clear, transparent labelling of beauty products in the United States. I think it’s important as consumers that we really understand what is in the products we use in, and put on our bodies. For Au Naturale, this revolution is at the core of their business. You can read more about the Clean Beauty Revolution here. 

Now, I probably know what you’re thinking…kind of the same thought when you have the sugar free ice cream with organic strawberries sitting next to the Ben and Jerry’s hot fudge double scoop brownie sundae with a cherry on top? This can’t be as good as the “real deal.” I am a beauty lover, and a follower of beauty trends, and I solemnly swear on my beauty bible, that this stuff IS THE REAL DEAL. What can be better than real, natural ingredients?! Not to mention, Au Naturale has a variety of colors and tones in foundations, powders, highlighters, shadows, and on trend lip stains, glosses, and lipsticks…aka everything dreams are made of.

So, you want to give this natural beauty thing a try? Where to start? I recommend giving one of the amazing start kits a try. For just $25 you will be able to try comes a range of three Semi-Matte Powder Foundations,  Pure Powder Blush & a Pure Powder Bronzer. The Powder Starter Kit is available in five different colors: fair, light, medium, tan, and deep. With the range of Semi-Matte Powder Foundation shades available in each color, you’ll be able to accurately match your skin tone. The foundation is light, but covers well (the best of both worlds). Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 9.55.05 PM
It didn’t take a lot for my face to look and feel like I had an air-brushed finish. Plus, this is a powder foundation, so your skin doesn’t feel too weighed down or irritated. You have the option to select your skin tone when purchasing the starter kit on Au Naturale’s website. The powder blush an powder bronzer are selected for you to compliment your skin tone. You will also receive a Pore Minimizing Finishing Powder to top your clean beauty look off! You can order your Au Naturale Powder starter kit here!

I also recommend any of the lip colors. My favorite lip product is the su/Stain. Available in 10 on trend colors, the su/Stain keeps lips nourished and provides rich color. There’s a shade for everyone whether you like just a little pop of color, or you’re looking for a bolder lip, I highly recommend the Au Naturale su/Stain. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you but the holiday season is upon us and these lip stains would make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.07.51 PMIf you try any of the Au Naturale products, I would love to hear what you think. You can also share your clean beauty journey on social media. Be sure to use tag #CleanBeautyRevolution in your post. If you order before 11/11/17, you can enjoy a free lipstick with your order over $50! And all orders over $50 on aunaturalecosmetics.com receive free shipping!

***This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click and/or make a purchase through certain links on this site or any related social media platforms (including Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest), I may make a commission from that click and/or purchase. All opinions are my own.

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