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I have worked in some realm of retail for the past 10+ years and it has been crazy to see how the market has changed. For the past 5 years I’ve had a career in eCommerce and it has been WILD to see how techonology is changing the way we shop.

I love keeping up with new services that make shopping fun, and easy for us millennials who like to spread themselves too thin, multi-task too much (happy hour too much, dog mom too much, etc etc), and find very little ‘free time’ to head to the mall.

I’m also mildly obsessed with both subscription based services, and snail mail so Le Tote seemed like a oui oui for me. If you’re interested in trying Le Tote, but haven’t taken the dive yet, I am about to break it down for ya…

Here’s how Le Tote works:

First, you answer some simple questions on your personal style. You are able to click on pictures of clothing that you would wear and breeze over the styles that don’t interest you. You select if your wardrobe needs to be more business, or more relaxed. You’re also asked to answer questions on accessory preference, what color jewelry you typically wear and specify any clothing including colors you do not want.


Then, you provide sizing details. You select your body type, and give info on what sizes you wear as well as detailed mesurements. I had to get out a measuring tape to provide accurate bust, in-seam, hip, and waist measurements. This helps the stylists at Le Tote determine what cuts may look best on you.If you’ve made it this far..the real fun is about to begin!
After taking into consideration your style preferences and body type, Le Tote generates outfits for you. You then, “heart” the outfits you would like to add to your closet. I had all the heart eyes during this portion and felt like I was window shopping (one of my fave pastimes). Le Tote pulls from your closet, as well as suggests items that the stylists think would look great on you based on the info you provided.


Drumroll please…NEXT, you are sent a preview of your TOTE! One of the features I liked best was being able to preview the items picked for me, and swap out any styles I wasn’t feeling. For example, Le Tote originally picked a cold-shoulder blouse…which from experience, that style doesn’t flatter me, so I swapped it out for another top. With a few clicks to confirm you have finished your part and your tote is on it’s way!

I am a sucker for cute, efficient packaging and receiving said cute efficient packaging in the mail! So, I was already giddy when my tote arrived. You can keep the items in your tote for as long as you’d like, with an option to purchase them at a discounted price. Once you’ve worn to your hearts delight, you can easily send back in the included pre-paid mailer.

So, is it worth it?

Le Tote is great if you’re someone like me who likes to switch up their wardrobe, but doesn’t want to break the bank doing so. OR, if you are also like me and you like to try trendy pieces, but sometimes they end up in the back of your closet after a few wears. With Le Tote you can try something that you might be on the fence of purchasing, maybe a print that’s out of your comfort zone, or some jeans with embroidered detail (FALL TREND ALERT!), wear it a few times and send it back. HOW AWESOME is that?


  1. Trust the stylists! There were some items in my tote I was hesitant about. Like the long stripped dress. It’s a cut that I would never normally go for since I am more petite in stature (5’0″ to be exact). I tried it on and…SWOON! It fit JUST right and I felt so confident in this dress.
  2. Provide accurate measurements. Measuring yourself might not seem like the most fun idea in the world, but it’s worth it to get clothing that fits just right. There’s few things I despise more  than trying on clothes and having the Goldilocks Conundrum…”this shirt is too snug, these pants are too long, ahhh this dress fits just right.”
  3. If at first you don’t succeed…TRY AGAIN! As with anything new, your tote may not be a homerun the first time. You could have been feeling a little colorful when you completed your style profile, and when your tote arrives you’re a little color shocked. A pair of pants may be too far out of your comfort zone. That’s fine, provide an honest review and your Le Tote stylist will tweak what they suggest next time around. I advise trying Le Tote at least twice, and providing honest feedback on all this styles. The more feedback you give, the more your closet will improve.

If you’re interested in trying Le Tote, check out the link below for $25 off your first month! Happy Tote-ing.

Try Le Tote for yourself. Click the link below for your first Tote FREE.



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  1. I’ve been going back and forth on testing out le tote so this came at the right time! I love the idea of getting to see what’s in your grab first and making changes and the fact that you get a full outfit in general. I may try it out for a month as a treat to myself and hopefully go from there!

    1. It’s so nice that you can change our options in your tote, that was one of my favorite features! Can’t wait to hear what you think.

  2. I’m SO excited about this!! I came across le tote when I was pregnant because I heard it was great for maternity clothes, but I was hesitant. Now that I’m postpartum, I can’t quite fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes yet and don’t want to keep buying items that will go to waste as I slim down. Sounds like a positive experience, can’t wait to try!

    1. Aww Stacie! I’m so excited you found this helpful. Yes, Le Tote is perfect if you don’t want to buy items to wear just a few times, especially if your body is changing. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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