Stay Healthy This Fall With My Wellness Routine!

My Trusty Wellness Regimen

Ever wake up with a tickle in your throat or stuffy nose and think, “Not today, Satan.” If there’s one thing I don’t have time for, it’s being sick. While I do admit, having an excuse to binge The Queen on Netflix sounds pretty nice, missing out on life and feeling crappy while going throughout my day sounds not so nice.

Luckily, I am rarely sick! And when I do feel the sniffles coming on, I am able to quickly kick them (knock on wood, rain dance, fairy dust, all the luck that this never changes).

Now, I’m not a doctor, nor do I have any medical certification so please don’t take these tips as the end all be all. There was a time in my career where I was a merchant for health and wellness products for an online retailer. I became obsessed (still am obsessed) with learning about wellness and researching what is actually good for your body. This regimen is simply what has worked for me, and what I’ve learned throughout the years.


A good multivitamin is an important part of my wellness regimen not only during cold season, but year round. During the fall and winter months, I may switch to a vitamin that has more vitamin C, or add an extra Vitamin C supplement to the mix. Lately, I’ve been a fan of multivitamins that benefit your hair, skin and nails (wedding prep, yo). Here are some of my favorites:

Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Women’s Multivitamin

Yes, it’s a gummy vitamin, because everyone deserves a treat. I enjoyed adding this supplement to my routine. These vitamins have collagen added which has so many benefits. Not only is collagen known to improve elasticity and moisture (aka helping with aging and wrinkles!), collagen also has been said to help improve bone and joint health, digestion, and the amino acids in collagen may help the body’s natural hormone production.

Nature’s Way Alive! Once Daily Women’s Multi-Vitamin, Ultra Potency

If you’re looking for a powerful multivitamin, this is it. I always had to be sure to take this vitamin with food, and I could tell difference in my energy and how I felt on the days I skipped this supplement. While I love my gummy vitamins, I enjoyed the fact that this was a “no fluff” supplement. This supplement uses food based blends to fuel it’s benefits – so I felt like I was getting the nutrients in a more direct way. This power supplement doesn’t taste the best, so I advise guzzling it down with a glass of water.


Centrum MultiGummies Multi + Hair, Skin Nails Multivitamin
Ok, again with the gummy vitamins, because they’re so delicious. I was looking for a multivitamin with a lot of biotin as I was trying to grow longer and healthier hair. This vitamin definitely heeded that call to action. I liked that this vitamin addressed the hair, skin and nails needs without taking away from the vitamins that can help combat colds and keep you going.

Leafy Greens


If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a thousand times, greens are good. A leafy green like kale or spinach is packed with protein and nutrients to keep you going. I try to incorporate a leafy green into at least one meal a day. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m gnawing on raw broccoli and starving myself. I incorporate the greens in a way that tastes good to me. Like a jedi mind trick to get myself to eat more greens! Revolutionary stuff here, I know.

A few ways I easily incorporate greens into your diet:

  • Add some spinach or kale to your omelet in the morning
  • Kale and quinoa salad
  • Big leafy salad for dinner
  • Green power smoothie

Vitamin C

One way I stay on my A game is by making sure I’m getting enough vitamin C. I like to make sure to have a fruit with breakfast and for a snack. We usually keep clementines handy for an easy and healthy snack, and strawberries are one of my favorites with breakfast. If I’m feeling a cold coming on, or especially during the winter months I have a packet of Emergen-C once a day.

Pro Tips:

    • Take Emergen-C with you while traveling. You may be exposed to things your immune system isn’t used to. Not to mention, airports are like a peatree dish of nastyness
    • Emergen-C works extra well on a hangover...or take before a night out  ( I feel like this is another post for another time 😉 ).
    • It tastes good! I’ve tried all of the flavors (Raspberry is my fave). Not to mention it’s easy to throw a packet in your work bag or purse to take throughout the day.


Your “weird,” “healthy,” friend (aka me) may be talking about probiotics all the time. Or, you might see co-workers drinking kombucha and wonder what the big fuss is with these strange smelling drinks. Probiotics, people! This is a train you want to jump on. The good bacteria found in probiotics are essential to our overall health. Doctors might recommend adding probiotics to your daily routine if you are experiencing digestive issues. Probiotics also help with inflammation, and can aide in weight loss. I personally, take a probiotic every day (make sure you keep it refrigerated). I’ve been using PB8 for a few years now, and swear by it. I’ve tried others, but I can tell a difference in my gut (and in the way my skinny jeans fit *wink wink*) when I’m not using PB8.

Another way to get probiotics in (and many other benefits) is by drinking Kombucha. You’ve likely seen  Kombucha bottles in the grocery store, or heard rumblings of people drinking this magic drink. Kombucha has the benefits of green tea, it contains antioxidants, can kill harmful bacteria, plus it is a rich source of probiotics. You can find Kombucha in different flavors, which makes it fun to drink. The drink is fizzy, so I always feel like I’m having a little treat. I prefer the Master Brew brand, and Pineapple Peach has been one of my go-to flavors.

Again, this is my routine and what has worked to help keep me feeling great day in and day out.  Do you have any wellness tips or something you incorporate to keep yourself healthy? I’d love to hear what works for others, and if you try any of my suggestions, I’d love to hear how it’s helped!

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