Hello, welcome to The Lovely Twist! I am so glad you're here!

I’m Olivia, a self acclaimed home chef, fan of all things beauty & wellness, newlywed, and dog mom. I am a lover of home and fashion trends, hopeless romantic, happy hour supporting gal who is just trying to spread some good in this world, while celebrating life in all it’s lovely twists.

Why the lovely twist, you ask? I like to think of life as a winding journey. Along my journey life has thrown me some pretty crazy, challenging, heartbreaking, & amazing twists. Through each season, I’ve grown to be the gal I am today, & stronger because of it! I believe there’s both beauty & a sense of grace in finding the lovely in each twist.

If you’re new here, please check out my first post. This will help explain why I started this blog and help us to get to know one another a little better. 

It is my sincere hope you will find something within these pages to spark your creativity, motivate you to conquer your day, or encourage you through whatever twist life has thrown you at the moment.


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