Gift Ideas: Creative gifts for those hard to buy for

Everyone has someone on their list that is just hard to buy for. Whether it be your parents, or partner sometimes you just need a little creative help. That’s where I come in with these creative gift ideas for those who are hard to buy for. It can be tricky buying for your parents as an adult, because it’s hard to give those who literals gave you everything something meaningful. Or, if your parents are like mine, they’ll say that there’s nothing they want for Christmas or they’ll go out and buy it themselves! Same can be said for buying for your partner. You want to find something special, thoughtful, and useful all at the same time. The pressure is ON! Don’t stress, just get those creative juices going with these fun creative gift ideas. 

Creative gift suggestions for those hard to buy for people on your holiday shopping lists

1. Photo Gifts: This is a great idea for parents but could also be cute to gift a significant other. If you have siblings, see if they’d be down to split the cost of a family photo session for mom and dad. Wrap up a “gift card,” with the photo deets under the tree and give something that will last forever!

Not into the family photos? No sweat. Gather up some picture memories from years past and put together a photo book to give mom and dad. Websites like: Shutterfly, Mixbook, and Artifact Uprising have a range of different options and they make it easy for you by allowing you to upload your photos and sending you the finished product. 

2. Activity Gifts: This category is probably my favorite to creative gift those who are tricky to buy for (like your parents!). Think of an activity parents can do either with you, together, or by themselves that they’d enjoy and foot the bill for it. 

Some activity gift ideas:

  • Tickets to a sporting event for their favorite team
  • Concert tickets
  • Cooking classes
  • A mani / pedi date for you and mom
  • Put together a cute note and wrap it up, plan a “date night” for your significant other, or date night with your parents! Pick your favorite restaurant and invite them out for a night.
  • Get creative with your parents or significant other. Places like Wine & Canvas, and Board & Brush offer group DIY workshops where you can get creative. They provide the supplies, you BYOB. 

3. Charity Gifts: For years, my dad always said he wanted nothing for Christmas and we should just donate to someone in need. Finally, I listened to him and started donating to different charities in his name for the holidays. I’d wrap up a little print out about the charity and always loved his reaction when he read about the new cause as he unwrapped the gift. 

There are even ways to get the recipient involved in picking the cause. One year, I gave my dad a “gift card” to Kiva. With his Kiva Card he was able to pick the recipient of the loan. The money goes to those who do not have access to financial loans, and helps them support small businesses, farms, education and more. 

Looking for something tangible? There are tons of companies who give back to charity after you purchase. Here are some of my favorites:

  •  The Tote Project: 10% of their gross profit goes to Two Wings, and organization that helps provide tools, guidance, and directions to victims of sex trafficking.
  •  Grounds & Hounds Coffee, Rescue Roast: All proceeds are donated to a new rescue organization each month. 
  • One Hope Wine: Each wine has a different non profit associated with it. For each purchase, One Hope donates to various organizations. 
  • Thistle Farms: A residential program that provides jobs, security and rehabilitation for women who have survived trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. The women make the products sold at Thistle Farms, like this body care  gift set.
  • Lush Charity Pot: For every purchase of the Charity Pot lotion, Lush donates to grassroots organizations for animal welfare, human rights, and environment conservation.

4. Silly Gifts: Sometimes you just need to give something that will get a laugh. Whether it’s socks with your face all over it, or a funny graphic t, it’s the thought that counts, right? Here are some of my favorite silly and creative gift ideas: 

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