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Two things I’m passionate about: being on trend in the fashion department (while having those staple pieces!), and working towards living more sustainably (hello, planet…we love you!). When I discover a brand or product that marries the two, I want to scream it from the rooftop, tattoo it on my arm, and tell everyone + their grandmother about it! Which is why, if you’ve been following me you probably know by now that I am truly obsessed with Rothy’s Shoes

My love affair with the sustainable fashion footwear brand runs deep. Not only are these super comfy shoes made from 100% recycled plastics, but they come in a wide variety of prints, colors and styles. There’s something for everyone when it comes to Rothy’s. If you’re looking for a classic flat to go with everything – they’ve got you covered, need a little statement in your life? 

Read more about Rothy’s, their mission and style choices here. 

Style aside, one of the things I love most about Rothy’s is the ability to wash them! I feel confident in investing in a pair of Rothy’s because I know I can continue to re-wear them season after season and truly get my moneys worth. Plus, I’m not running to buy a new pair of flats or sneakers when they get ruined after a season…I can pop them in the washer and viola, they’re good as new! Sounds too good to be true, right? Trust me – it’s as easy as this…

How to Properly Wash & Care for Your Rothy's

Get the most bang for your buck and rewear your Rothy’s Shoes season after season!

  • Remove the insoles prior to washing
  • You can wash the insoles and shoes together
  • Wash with cold water on delicate setting with mild detergent
    • I haven’t experienced color bleeding, but if you have a darker color shoe I recommend washing it with like color shoes and steering clear of mixing it with lighter colors and whites (just to be safe)
  • Let Rothy’s Shoes AIR DRY – this part is important. Because they’re made of recycled plastic, the extreme heat can cause them to shrink or become mishapen
  • If you have a pair of the Rothy’s sneakers – be sure to remove the midsole (found underneath the insole) before washing. Once the sneaker is dry you can snap the midsole back into place

Rothy’s also offers a Care Kit. The kit includes a cleaning solution, and washing bag to place the shoes in while you wash. I have never personally tried the kit and find that my Rothy’s wash just fine without – but it is a nice extra add on to keep your babies looking fresh!

Every time I give my Rothy’s shoes a little bath I’m amazed at how brand new they look…it’s almost like I’m getting a new pair of shoes again, and who doesn’t love that new shoe feeling?!


Check out Rothy’s Shoes for yourself!


Want in on the fun? Use this link to receive $2o off your first pair of Rothy’s!  Already a fan? What is your favorite pair? I love to see how people style the prints and colors differently!


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