What’s On Trend | Songs to Keep You Motivated During Your Workout, My Half Marathon Training Playlist

This summer, I am finally crossing something off of my bucket list…I’m running my first official half marathon. I have never loved running whole heartedly, but this training process has made me appreciate running, and more importantly, appreciate my body and it’s abilities. Each week, I feel myself getting stronger both physically and mentally. 

The thing I struggled with most when getting into longer runs was trying to stay focused and not become bored. I would try different routes, throw on a new podcast, and have even tried running sans headphones (sounds crazy but it’s kind of refreshing). One thing that helps me really push through is the perfect playlist  For me, the perfect playlist for a long run or workout has a mix of upbeat songs and some slower, powerful songs that I can sing along to in my head (I’m always looking to channel my inner, Whitney Houston…the performer not all the other stuff). 

My taste in music can tend to be a little random, but I find the mix of artists and genres keep me on my toes. I also find myself running to the beat of certain songs. There’s nothing like running uphill to the song, Come on Eileen, or powering through a sprint to Mariah Carey serenading you through, Hero. Call me crazy, but the mix of upbeat pop and ballads just keeps me going!


What's on Trend - My Favorite Songs to Workout To

To keep you inspired during your workout, or if you just need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up – check out my Training Playlist on Spotify. These songs may not all be the newest or trendiest songs. But something that is always on trend is taking care of yourself. Throw on this playlist and go for a jog. Not a jogger? Walking has amazing benefits too. Need to let out some frustration? Hit that punching bag to these beats! This playlist has the perfect mix of motivating upbeat songs, and ballads that will fill your heart. 

*This playlist is around 80 minutes long 

Do you have favorite music to workout to? What’s a song that keeps you going? I’d love to hear! Share in the comments.

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