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Ah, Amazon…we hate to love it but Amazon has become a regular part of our world. Where else can you get toilet paper, books, and all of Oprah’s “Favorite Things,” sent directly to your doorstep? I often find myself doing “Amazon Hauls,” which can result in ordering the most random combination of items. I figure if I am ordering something, I might as well make it worth everyone’s efforts and order what I need! 

When I caught myself doing this, I thought…maybe people would be interested in my random Amazon hauls? So, if you’re looking for a new beauty tool, functional water bottle, or some other random household items – ya girls got ya covered! 

Favorite Finds for The Office

In order to be my most productive self, a clean and organized office is a must. Bonus points if I have cute desk accessories and notebooks! Here are some of my favorite Amazon finds to keep my office in tip top shape. 

1. Notebook Set from Rifle Paper Co – anyone else have an unhealthy affinity for new notebooks? No, just me? I love a new notebook, and they gotta be cute!

2. Desk Organizer Set – Nothing drives me more bonkers than papers and pens all over my desk. With this organizer set I am able to tuck away all the sticky notes and papers, and keep my desk lookin’ fresh.

3. Air Duster, Canned Air (gotta keep that keyboard clean!)

4. Set of pens from   these are the cutest and best pens I’ve ever used! I love the bright colors, and they even have cute sayings to keep me smiling all day.

Favorite Beauty & Wellness Finds

Amazon is my go to spot to try the latest “out there,” beauty tool. You’ll see what I mean when you take a look at these finds…

1. Stainless Steel Ice Facial Roller – I started rolling, or massaging my face after hearing the benefits from The Skinny Confidential. Using an ice roller, or jade roller (below) helps to clear out the lymphatic system and reduce bloat. I like to use the ice roller in the morning if I’m feeling puffy or bloated – it’s great for waking up tired eyes! 

2. Jade Face Roller – Like the ice roller, I use the jade roller to help massage my face and drain the lymphatic system. I find the jade roller is easy for travel, and often use this at night before bed, after applying a serum. Simply, apply your favorite serum and use the jade roller to massage using outward and upward motions around your face.

3. Twinkle Razor – BIG DISCLAIMER HERE – please still seek out a professional when it comes to overall grooming of your eyebrows, and facial treatments like dermaplane. These razors come in handy when you need to keep up your grooming. I use these to keep my eyebrows groomed and help with any excess peach fuzz in between dermaplane. Follow the instructions on the package, and use with caution! Also, to help prevent breakouts I suggest using a toner after and throwing away after each use, because…bacteria. 

4. Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler – I always have a water bottle on the go. Staying hydrated helps my mood, overall health, and keeps my complexion clear. I’d be lost without my travel water bottles and tumblers. I love this skinny stainless steel tumbler because it’s easy to carry and fits just right into my cup holder. It also has an adorable reusable straw which makes staying hydrated easy (and stylish). 

6. Wet Brush, Detangler Hair Brush – Not your average hairbrush. I find my hair having less breakage and feeling softer since I’ve switched to a Wet Brush. And just like it’s name, it is a boss at brushing through wet hair.

Home Sweet Home - Favorite Finds for The House

Home sweet home. You can fall down a serious rabbit hole on Amazon when shopping for the home. I don’t want you to hurt yourself in that hole, or waste your time…or money. Here are my crème de la crème, cream of the crop picks. 

  1. Sunlight Stimulation Alarm Clock –  do yourself a favor, ditch the phone alarm and buy this now. I was a chronic snooze buttoner, could not get out of bed alarm stopper. Now, with this sunlight stimulating alarm clock, I am gradually woken up before the alarm even sounds. I wake up feeling less groggy and more alert because the light on the alarm clock stimulates the sunrising. You can set different settings to have the light start a certain time period before the alarm will sound. For example, my alarm is usually set for around 5:25 AM. 10-15 minutes before that time, the light will slowly start turning on and I will be awake before the actual alarm buzzes.
  2.  Reusable Glass Spray Bottles – Ok, once your alarm sounds and you’re up, you can get to cleaning…jk…but kind of. These reusable glass bottles have come in handy when cleaning with essential oils, or trying to cut down on single use plastic waste. Simply add your cleaner, add water and you’re good to go! 
  3. Ninja Kitchen System – We received this as a wedding gift and I never thought I’d be so excited about an appliance. This system has endless functionality. I use the smoothie cups as a quick and easy way to make my morning smoothie. There is a food processor function that is super useful for mixing up things like my favorite, guacamole! I’ve also used this functionality for dough mixing, or processing some cauliflower for different recipes. Then, there is the standard blender option which is great for large batches of smoothies or frozen drinks.
  4. Furniture and Fabric Depiller –  This has come in handy more often than I thought. This little hand held depiller and lint remove is great for keeping our fabric on the couch looking fresh, and for keeping sweaters and other linens fresh season after season. We all get those annoying fabric pills..well this essentially shaves them right off without damaging the fabric.

There ya have it, my current Amazon finds! It’s crazy to think how much access it at our finger tips. In this modern age of accessibility, I think it’s important to really do your research before purchasing. Sure, we all have those impulse buys, but at the end of the day it’s important to make sure the purchases will be put to use. This is why I’ve kept this list fairly short and have tailored it down to my true, favorite finds. Do you have a favorite Amazon find? I’d love to hear what gems you’ve found and how they’ve made your life easier or solved a problem! 

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