Beauty Tip Thursday | Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag with Beautycounter

What is it about spring time that motivates us to clean the heck outta everything? I don’t know about you but for me, as soon as the sun starts shining more and the air feels fresh, I’m cracking all the windows, wiping down baseboards, going through closets and just ridding my home of clutter. The same sort of cleaning should take place with the products you use! 

Due to the cold, cabin fever, and generous but maybe unwanted stocking stuffers…I’m sure we have all acquired products over the colder months that aren’t doing our bodies any favors. Whether it be toxic ingredients or just countertop clutter, some products just need to be broken up with. Now is as perfect time as any to spring clean your beauty with Beautycounter. 

Spring Clean Your Beauty Products! Easy Swaps to Make This Spring.

It’s so simple to swap out some products for safer, more effective options from Beautycounter. While the thought of cleaning out your entire collection can be daunting, I recommend starting with these simple swaps. The following is a curated collection of Beautycounter products that will help refresh your skin for spring, and make your makeup routine simple and glowy for this new season. 

Refresh Your Skin This Spring – The Best of Beautycounter. 

The Best of Beautycounter set is the perfect set of all star products if you’re looking to seriously refresh and step up your skincare game. For $89 you’ll get travel sizes of Beautycounter’s Adaptive Moisture Lotion, Balancing Charcoal Mask, No. 1 Brightening Face Oil, and Cleansing Balm. Together, these products will each do their part to moisturize, clarify, brighten, and soothe skin.

Protect Your Skin – Countersun Mineral Sunscreen


I’ll caveat this one by saying you really should be protecting yourself from the sun year round, but I know for some people, spring is just an extra reminder of this safe practice. 

Many of the sunscreens we grew up using are actually packed full of potentially health harming & environment harming ingredients. 

To learn more about the difference between chemical and physical sunscreens, and what ingredients to watch out for – head to this blog post

Beautycounter makes it easy and takes the guesswork out of ingredients by providing a safe and effective option for sunscreen that is also kind to our environment. I love using the spray form of Countersun Mineral Sunscreen because it’s easy to apply on the go. Bonus points for smelling good!

Moisturize, Nourish & Perfect Your Skin’s Complexion – Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage

In the spring and summer months I find myself wearing less makeup and letting my skin breathe. But, this doesn’t mean I don’t need a little coverage (c’mon ladies you know what I’m talking about!). I gravitate towards easy to use, effective products like Beautycounter’s Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer for quick complexion perfecting solutions in the warmer months. 

The Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer offers SPF 20 protection without being too heavy. You’ll also get a light tinted coverage and glowy finish. I always get complements on my skin when I wear the Dew Skin & I love that it offers SPF for these months when I will be exposed to more sun. 

There ya have it! 3 simple ways to swap for better beauty. The best thing about all of these products is they make switching to a safer beauty routine EASY. I don’t have time to study labels, or the money to throw at products to test if they’re for me or not. I love that Beautycounter takes the guess work out of all of this. Safe ingredients, effective products, end of story. Happy spring cleaning!

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