What’s On Trend: Floating Stress Away with Floatation Therapy

I’ll admit when I first heard of floatation therapy, I was very skeptical. Here we go again, the latest fad in health and wellness…some miracle trend that is supposed to cure all ailments. Now, after trying floatation therapy, I just may be hooked and I totally get why people are raving about this new age way of relaxing and reducing stress. 

So, what is floating?

Alright, I suppose we should back it up a bit and explain what floatation therapy, or floating is for those of you who may (like I was), be unfamiliar with this form of therapy. 

Floating is exactly what it sounds like…floating. Your body will float effortlessly in a tank of heated water with a high concentration of salt. The zero gravity effect floating has on your body may help: 

  • Manage joint pain and accelerate recovery from injuries
  • Relieve muscle tension

Regular floaters may experience the following benefits:

  • Reduced stress, depression and anxiety
  • More balanced and restful sleep
  • Alleviate discomforts during pregnancy 
  • Complete mental and physical relaxation


What was my floating experience like?

After I learned more about the benefits of floating I was so excited to give Ebb & Float, a floatation therapy spa in downtown Columbus, a try. I even got to bring my husband along – even better!

Upon entering Ebb & Float I felt instant zen. The bright naturally lit building boasts clean wood floors, crisp lines, and peaceful aromas. The staff was very helpful and made us first time floaters feel welcome. 

Before our float, we had a 15 minute chair massage…which was flat out amazing. The massage helped me relax and feel at ease going into the float. The helpful staff then led us to our cabins where we would be floating. Ebb & Float offers four different tank options for floating. Some tanks are more inclosed than others and are recommended for experienced floaters. Since we were first timers we stuck with the cabin experience. The cabin is exactly as it sounds, a little cabin with a pool inside so your body is facing an open space while floating vs something more enclosed. There is a shower in your room for you to rinse off before and after floating. Each room is also equipped with all of your floating needs: towel, neck pillow (even though you don’t need it, you will float – but for some beginners the pillow provides more stability), ear plugs and even salve if you have any cuts or scrapes that the salt water may sting.

We floated for 1 hour, each in our separate cabins. I know what you’re thinking, ” What the heck did you do for one hour?!” It took a few minutes for me to get settled and acclimated to the tank. Once I let myself relax, I tried to focus on my breathing and shut my mind off. I didn’t doze off but I was fully relaxed and before I knew it the lights softly came on and the music signaled to let me know my float was ending.

After my float I honestly felt lighter than air. Soreness that I usually feel in my back was gone, and I felt like I was floating still! I also felt truly rested. Gone was any fatigue from my long week and I felt like I had just gotten the best night’s sleep. I would recommend floating to anyone who is looking for a low impact way to relieve aches and pains or someone who needs to relax and reset.

Some Common Questions

As I told people about my float experience, I was starting to get some of the same questions. These are the questions I myself asked before floating so I’m going to give you all the answers, but ultimately, floating is something you need to try for yourself. 

Q: Is the water clean?
A: Yes! Between every float, the water is filtered through a triple-filtration process and the tank is cleaned.

Q: How deep is the water/did you feel like you were going to drown?
A: The water is less than a foot deep. The salt concentration causes your body to naturally float. Even when I would try to push my limbs down, they would naturally rise. My head always stayed above water. 

Q: What do you wear?

A: Ebb & Float’s website encourages you to float in the nude. I however, packed a bathing suit incase I wasn’t feeling u for going in the buff. You are completely alone in your room, so you do you!

Q: Would you do it again?
A: Absolutely! 

If you’re looking for a new way to relax or treat yourself to some personal time, I highly recommend Ebb & Float. You can book through their website. If you have more questions I’m happy to chat! Drop me a comment or message me on Instagram

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