March FORTH with Beautycounter – Join the movement for better beauty

Beautycounter made it easy for me to switch to safer personal care products. Once I learned more about the realities of beauty and personal care ingredients, it was a no brainer for me. I am passionate about Beautycounter for so many reasons, it’s hard to pinpoint my biggest pull to this brand:

  • Their mission to get safer and cleaner products into the  hands of everyone
  • The commitment they have to sourcing the safest and most effective ingredients for their products
  • They do not sacrifice quality for a safer or cleaner product 

While these are all great causes to switch to safer beauty, one of the biggest reasons I stand behind Beautycounter, is their advocacy

Read more about why I joined Beautycounter here. 

It's Time For Change - Beautycounter's Advocacy For Progress in the Personal Care Industry

The personal care and cosmetic industry is widely unregulated. Everyday, we are unknowingly exposed to thousands of chemicals and toxins that may be potentially health harming. I personally never thought about the possibility that products I could buy in the store might contain ingredients that are harmful. 

To put this into perspective:

  • It has been nearly 80 years since the United States has passed any legislation regulating the cosmetic industry. This means companies we have trusted with our cosmetics and personal care are manufacturing products to us without regulation over ingredients.
  • In the European Union, 1,400 chemicals found to be potentially health harming in the product formulas of personal care products are banned. In the United States, the number of chemicals banned…30.
  • Today, more than 80,000 chemicals exist on the market, many without safety data

While these are daunting facts, and it can be hard to sort through what all of this means. I find comfort knowing that Beautycounter advocates for safer products by taking the guess work out of ingredients.

Beautycounter tests ingredients regularly and conducts their own research to insure the safety of product formulations. The Never List™ is made up of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals that are never used as ingredients in Beautycounter products. 

Join Beautycounter. March Forth towards #betterbeauty.

Beautycounter believes that cleaner, safer beauty begins with telling with educating customers about harmful chemicals in their products. Once customers are educated, they are able to make better purchasing decisions and advocate for their own health.
To truly make a lasting change, Beautycounter makes education and advocacy work together. More than just a personal care and beauty company, Beautycounter advocates for change in legislation around regulatory laws to shift the personal care industry away from harmful ingredients. 

Join Beautycounter in the march towards safer products. 

You can help by texting “BetterBeauty” to 52886 to urge Congress to pass more health-protective laws for the personal care industry.

In celebration of Beautycounter’s 6th Anniversary,  they’re offering the perfect bold lipstick that personifies their advocacy. The vibrant color of Beautycounter’s Red Color Intense Lipstick reminds me of the bold stance I must take for myself and the safety of others. This lipstick is flattering for all skin tones, and the safer formula has a touch of peppermint flavor while it delivers a classic red color. 


If you are interested in joining Beautycounter by sharing their products with others, please reach out to me! As a consultant, you can earn commission while sharing safer beauty with others. Until March 7th, consultants who purchase a Starter Set will get their enrollment kit for 1/2 off! Reach out to me for more info:

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