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An Honest Review of Rothy's Shoes

Making more conscious and sustainable choices has been a huge priority of mine. If spending money on something, I want to be sure I consider value as well as the long term investment the purchase has on both my wallet and the environment. This pull towards more sustainable purchases is why I decided to finally pull the trigger on a pair of Rothy’s shoes. I am not exaggerating…I had been eyeing up Rothy’s footwear for about a year before I made a purchase. Usually, when buying something online that is a little pricer than I’d typically spend, I take time reading reviews, comparing options, and trying to gather as much info before I make a decision to buy. This was the case with Rothy’s.

Even after hearing many first hand reviews ( I literally have stopped people in the grocery store if I noticed their Rothy’s and asked their opinion), I still needed to weigh my options and make sure I was making a smart purchase. 


*I chose to purchase a pair of Rothy’s on my own. You may opt to use use this link to receive $20 off your first pair of Rothy’s. In return I will receive a Rothy’s discount. 

So what convinced me to try Rothy's Footwear?

I decided to give Rothy’s shoes a try when I had to return a pair of boots from a popular shoe retailer. The sole’s of these barely worn boots had began to split after less than a month of wearing them. Here, I thought I was getting a good deal on these “everyday” boots, hoping I would get a lot of wear out of them and the price was unbeatable. I was frustrated and disappointed. Not to mention,  the wasteful  process of making those boots only to have them go straight to the landfill after barely serving their purpose. 

After this experience, I decided the investment in a quality pair of shoes that is made by a company with a sustainable purpose was more than worth it. Each pair of Rothy’s sustainable shoes is made from 100% recycled used plastics (post consumer water bottles to be exact). Infant, the entire Rothy’s shoe is made sustainably: 

  • The foam components found in the insoles of Rothy’s are made from recycled material of other shoes
  • Vegan and Non-Toxic adhesives are the only options used on Rothy’s
  • The soles of a pair of Rothy’s do not contain any black carbon, which is commonly found in other shoes

Are Rothy's Shoes Worth It?


I hate feeling like I am not getting the best deal out there. Which admittedly, is probably why I waited so long to finally try Rothy’s. So, are they worth it? I can happily say, that they were worth every penny. And here’s why…


Because Rothy’s are made of plastic and not leather or a synthetic leather like material like most flats, there is no break in period. If you’ve ever had to break in a pair of flats and experience those first few painful days, you know that this is huge! Your Rothy’s shoes will fit the same on day 1 to 1,000.

 Usually, I’m not a fan of wearing flats all day. All of my previous pairs would either pinch my feet, or loose their shape too quickly. With Rothy’s, I feel like I’m walking on clouds (sustainable, durable clouds). I was able to comfortably wear my Rothy’s running an all day marathon of errands. I never feel like my feet are unsupported or like one wrong step or scuff is going to ruin my shoes. I also never experienced the dreaded foot sweat. Because the shoes are made from woven plastic, I feel they have decent breathability. Yes, when I wear my Rothy’s all day my shoe gets a little sweaty, but it’s not the shoe causing the sweat like it is with many other flats. 


 The soles are more sturdy than previous pairs of flats, and being made from recycled plastic gives Rothy’s the ability to bounce back. In the past, I would find my flats would loose shape if I wore them all day or even packed them in my suitcase for a trip. With Rothy’s I can literally bend them in half and they will bounce right back to their original shape.

The durable plastic material also means you can wear Rothy’s in any weather! This to me, added great value. Not having to save my stylish flats for a sunny day is a plus and makes me feel confident that I’m getting my money’s worth out of these shoes. 


Another huge bonus to investing in Rothy’s…they’re washable. You heard me right ladies…you can stick the entire shoe and insole in the washer and voila, you have yourself a brand new, clean pair. Rothy’s even offers extra insoles on their website, giving you extra lifespan out of your shoes.

Variety of trendy colors and styles 

Nothing is worse than having to sacrifice comfort or durability for style. Rothy’s combines comfort, durability and style seamlessly. With four styles to choose from and a variety of colors including limited time releases, the style selection was a tough one. 

Rothy's four style options: The Flat, The Point, The Loafer, The Sneaker

After stalking Rothy’s for nearly a year on Instagram and Pinterest, I finally decided on the The Point.  I felt The Point style perfectly combined my need for everyday wear with elevated style. 

Once the style was selected, the great color debate ensued. I eventually opted for The Big Cat. For me, leopard print is a neutral. With the browns, blacks, and tans, I felt this print would go with a lot of my wardrobe, but also be that subtle statement I always like to throw in. 

Final Thoughts...

All in all I could not be happier with my Rothy’s investment. It’s hard to pick a favorite feature. Between the comfort, effortless style, and sustainable aspects of these long wear flats, the benefits to me are worth the price. 

Want to try Rothy’s for yourself?

Use this link to save $20 on your first pair of Rothy’s.  

If you take advantage of this discount, or have a favorite pair of Rothy’s already, I would love to see how you style them! I am always looking for style inspo and love hearing feedback from others. 


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