Work hard, Brunch Harder. Best Brunch Spots in Columbus.

Confession time…I am a breakfast sandwich addict. Weekend brunch is my happy place. 

With all the heart eyes I have over breakfast food, it’s safe to say I’ve tried my fair share of brunch hot spots, coffee houses, and cafes around Columbus. Even when I travel I look forward to seeing what’s on the breakfast menu at different locations. But, for the sake of not rambling on about breakfast too much (how much is too much when it comes to breakfast?!), I bring to you a rundown of my favorite brunch spots in Columbus. I know, I know, you can hardly contain the excitement! Okay, get your appetites ready, and set those brunch plans…NOW. 

Not in Columbus? No sweat. I hope this review inspires you to take some time and treat yo’ self this weekend. Seek out a cute cafe in your area, or bust out that waffle iron and recreate some of these favorites at home. 

*Also, let me add a caveat to this post. It’s really impossible for me to pick my favorite spot out of these restaurants. I mean it when I say that. Each spot holds a special place in my heart and I literally get emotional thinking about their breakfast (k, maybe I’m being a tad bit dramatic). So the following are in random order, and I’m choosing to highlight my favorite menu item, or what they are known for instead of picking a “favorite” spot. 

We accept the brunch we think we deserve. Favorite Columbus breakfast spots to inspire your weekend brunch.

Fox in the Snow

Aside from being everything that your Instagram dreams are made of, Fox in The Snow’s vibe is hard to beat. Think every cozy, rustic cafe you’ve seen in the movies and that is what you’ll be stepping into when you set foot in any one of Fox in The Snow’s 4 Columbus, Ohio Locations. Aesthetics aside, their menu is to die for. Whether you’re in the mood for a hot cup of single origin coffee, a made to order latte, or a flakey croissant, all your cafe dreams will come true at Fox in The Snow. 

My favorite menu item:

The Souffled Egg Sandwich is by far my favorite item on their menu. It’s made fresh, the egg is cooked to perfection, and served with greens and the flakiest bun…I could go on all day. 


Their speciality:

At their heart, Fox in the Snow started with their delectable pastries. Popular pastries include their fruit scones, sticky buns, and giant cinnamon rolls. Hungry yet?

Northstar Cafe

A favorite spot of mine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Northstar is known for their delicous variety filled menu and consciously chosen ingredients. Menu items at Northstar are made with locally grown, organic, and artisan produced foods, so you can rest assured that you are eating clean, wholesome food. 

There’s truly something for everyone on the menu at Northstar, which is part of the reason my husband and I love it so much. While you won’t be hurting for variety when you visit Northstar, my favorite menu item for breakfast is a bit of a classic…



My favorite menu item:

I say, “yee haw,” everytime I order the Cowboy Breakfast at Northstar (just kidding…well maybe in my head I tip my imaginary cowgirl hat).

This comfort food fave of mine features 2 Ohio organic eggs prepared any style, (I opt for over medium) bacon or sausage ( I swap the meat out for a side of the breakfast potatoes), and a warm buttermilk biscuit with Michigan black cherry preserves. I’m not going to lie…the buttermilk biscuit is easily my favorite part of this meal…we’re talking melt in your mouth perfection.  Don’t even get me started on the black cherry preserves…you can thank later.

Upper Cup Coffee


We live in close proximity to one of Upper Cups, two Columbus locations so this special little coffee shop is almost like a second home to me. My husband and I can often be spotted walking there on a Saturday morning after our workout and meeting for coffee (and maybe a donut or breakfast sandwich too). 

Featuring a rotating gallery by a local artist each month, Upper Cup’s vibe is one that embraces community, creativity, and really really good coffee. 

What they’re known for:

Fresh roasted, freshly brewed coffee and their made in house delicious donuts. 

The Lox Bagel Shop

Remember when I said I was a breakfast sandwich connoisseur? Well I hold that same love for bagels, and if you combine the two just take my money now.

 The Lox Bagel Shop in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio specializes in hand rolled, boiled and baked bagels and bagel sandwiches and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the best breakfast egg bagel breakfast sandwich I’ve had (and I’ve had many).


What they’re known for:

Bagels, of course! And more specifically, their variety of made from scratch bagels, wide range of cream cheese spreads, and their lox bagel sandwiches. 

Where else to breakfast in Columbus...

I could go on and on about my favorite breakfast spots. Columbus really is a hub of new concepts, fresh menu ideas and restaurants who are working to bring wholesome, clean, food to our neighborhoods. The four spots I mentioned above are my first choices if I get to pick our Sunday brunch spot. However, there are still so many other great spots in Columbus for breakfast, so please take my opinion with a grain of salt and check out any of these favored restaurants for breakfast too!

Stauf’s is known for their in house, speciality roasted coffee blends. You also won’t be mad if you try any one of their pastries or breakfast sandwiches…just sayin’.

First Watch is a favorite at our house because of the variety of their menu, and the fresh, veggie friendly options. My favorite is the Market Skillet Hash.

Talk about some serious Food Channel worthy dishes! SuperChef’s is known for their unique breakfast and lunch menu. Known for items like their Red Velvet Pancakes or Breakfast Pizza you will have fun picking out unique dishes to try. 

Might seem strange to recommend a BBQ place for breakfast, but if you stop into Barrel & Boar for their weekend brunch buffet, you’ll soon understand why. Barrel and Boar offers a delicious hot buffet spread every Sunday from 10-2…the potato hash is to die for, and pancakes aren’t to shabby either. 

While I highly recommend any of these breakfast spots, there’s one secret ingredient to a great brunch. The company you keep. Take some time during your weekend, grab a girlfriend or set a date with your significant other and head to a favorite breakfast spot. Nothing is sweeter than starting your day with someone you love. 

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