Wedding Ready | 3 Things I Forgot to Do Before My Bridal Trial

I knew there was a lot that went into planning a wedding, but let me tell you…it’s the littlest details that get to you! The big stuff is fun: cake tasking, venue touring, deciding the date – but the little details like the ceremony schedule, or if you’re going to have round or tuscan tables, what napkin fold style you like – it’s these minute details that no one warns you about. They sneak up right when you think you’re coasting along towards marital bliss and make your head spin!

It is because of these little details that I was extra looking forward to my bridal hair and makeup trial. I saw it as a little “treat yo self,” escape from reality for a few hours kinda thing. Well… guess what?! There are little details that go info preparing for your bridal hair and makeup trial! 

While I loved my experience getting glammed up, and it was fun to test out different looks for the day of, there are a few things I did and wish I had done to prepare myself. 

What I Forgot to Do Before My Bridal Trial

  1. Groom My Brows 

Seems like a minuscule detail right? Well, not if you’re rolling into your bridal trial with two caterpillars on your face like I was! I had been growing my brows out so they would be nice and full – you know, Cindy Crawford style…#browgoals, ya feel me? Well, what I didn’t think about was how this would affect my bridal trial. It wasn’t the end of the world by any means, but to truly get a feel for how the makeup would look finished, I wish I had cleaned my little friends up. 

  1. Wear White 

I really hate to be that *extra* bride and wear white to every single wedding related function. But, in a case like your bridal hair and makeup trial, wearing white probably would not have been my worst idea. Instead, your girl rolled up in the opposite, yep – black. 

So here’s the thing about white…white clothing reflects light. So yes, to truly get the idea of how my makeup will look in photos and on the day of – wearing black (which absorbs light) probably was not one of my brightest ideas (see what I did there). 

3. Schedule Trial Around A Fun Event or Girls Night Out

So one thing I wish I would have been able to do is schedule my bridal trial around an event, photo shoot, of even a girls night out. Don’t get me wrong, after my HMU trial, I met my guy out for a nice dinner on a patio – which is always the best. BUT I would have liked to see how the look holds up against a night out or have been able to snap a few extra pictures of myself all done up to truly get an idea of how the look will last the day of. 

If you can, try to plan your HMU trial around a girl’s night out, a concert, or even a boudoir photo shoot! 

What I remembered to do before my Hair and Makeup Trial

All in all the experience was great, and got me even more excited for the big day. While I forgot to do a few key things – it wasn’t all a wash. Here are some additional steps to make sure you add to your to-do list before your trial. 

  1. Bring Any Jewelry or Day of Accessories

To really get the full picture, make sure you bring along any jewelry you have for the day of, or special accessories like a veil, headpiece, or hair clip. Your stylist will be able to complete your look with your accessories, and you can get an idea if something needs to be swapped out. 

2. Bring Inspiration Photos, and an Open Mind

I am a huge fan of an inspiration photo, but I am also a big advocate for allowing creatives and professionals to do their work. It’s important to have an idea of what you want (or don’t want) and general guidelines, but don’t put yourself in a box. Come with an open mind and leave a little up to the stylist. They are the pros and will certainly be able to guide you down the right path…if you let them!

3. Have Fun

Enjoy this time! You are so close to the big day, take these few hours to kick back, relax and enjoy the moment. 

Looking for some other wedding planning tips? Head to my wedding page for more helpful posts!

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