Boss Babe of The Month | How This Month’s Boss Babe, Dani Austin, Helped Me Embrace My Sassy

“I am one hot sassy mama,” these are words you will learn to speak to yourself after getting to know this month’s Boss Babe. If you don’t know Dani Austin, well I’m flat out honored to be the one to introduce you to her! If you are a follower of Dani already, I would love to hear how following her has encouraged you to embrace your sassy side.

Dani is a fashion + lifestyle blogger, youtuber, creative soul, and all around inspiring sassy mama (you’ll get all sassy here in a sec). I have been following Dani on social media and through her blog for a little over a year now and always admired her down to earth, real approach with blogging and social media.

Dani tells it like it is…no really, exactly like it is. She’s open about her struggles, real with her faith, and not afraid to hop in front of her Instagram audience sans makeup and sporting a bed head up-do. 

I was extra drawn to Dani when I heard of her launching The Sassy Club, a special community born from Dani’s desire to help other women experience the same freedom she has found in breaking free of the expectations us women hold on ourselves and others. Dani encourages others to step away from chasing perfection and embrace their inner sass.

The community Dani has created in this sassy sisterhood fosters support and love  through struggles, celebrates sisterhood and diversity, and is a safe space for women to come for advice, encouragement or to share their story. 
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3 ways Dani Austin has inspired me to ditch perfection

Perfection: a stomach pit inducing aspiration that when I wasn’t achieving in my eyes, led me down a tailspin of anxiety, depression, and constant fear. A feeling of “not enough-ness” that came about when I wasn’t living up to a certain standard I and society had placed on myself. If you share the same feelings about chasing perfection, then this month’s Boss Babe is one you need to get to know. 

After following Dani and engaging in her Sassy Club community, one theme stuck out to me you define your own perfection. Dani shares her life in a way that has pushed me to ditch the “perfection” chase.

Speaking About Faith Openly

One thing I admire most about Dani is her ability to share her faith openly. To her, faith and a relationship with God is something so engrained into who she is that it seems weird not to share it. 

This is something I have struggled with in the past. I remember being in middle school and throughout high school coming into contact with different people, some of which I was not comfortable sharing my faith with. I tried to chameleon my way through those seasons of life, disguising my faith and camouflaging it into something that it wasn’t. Now, looking back I feel sad for that little girl who felt like she needed to fit in so much so that she lost sight of her relationship with the Lord. 

I’m so thankful to Dani for sharing her faith and how she leans on Jesus when she is weak, how she credits him with the good, bad, and everything in between, and especially how she reminds her audience that our worth is not defined by standards here on earth. 

Since following Dani, I have been inspired to be open and transparent with my audience, friends and family about my faith. Is my relationship with God “perfect,” HECK NO, and guess what no one’s is. Are there Sundays where I miss church, absolutely. But the days I feel most grounded and connected are the days I take time to connect with the Lord, pray, lean on him, or share some of his word with my audience. I’m a work in progress and proud of it.

Here are a few of my favorite resources I have been leaning on to grow my relationship with God


Owning My Weakness

We are so conditioned to own our strengths. In school we’re taught to list out what we are good at. We’re given medals for succeeding, ranked by how well we perform. In the work place, you get a foot in the door by exemplifying the strengths your employer deems fit for the job. 

Knowing what you are great is is a wonderful thing. But do you ever find yourself tired of being strong? This has been a constant struggle of mine. I have found myself facing what I refer to as exhaustion of strength. I am downright TIRED of being held to the standard that I need to be good at this that and the other. I’m learning more and more that it’s perfectly okay to not be okay.


Dani has inspired me to own my times of weakness and be real with my family, friends, and those who follow me through my blog and social media. By speaking out on her struggles, hardships, and criticism Dani has faced she has shown me that every story (even the “not so good” ones need to be told).

I am more comfortable than ever sharing things I have struggled with. From body image to facing judgement based on my heritage and appearance, I hope that the times of weakness I share help to encourage and inspire someone who may be facing something similar. 

Stop Playing the Comparison Game

In this world of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and being surrounded by so many updates ALL THE TIME, it’s so hard to not compare yourself to others. We’re constantly being shown the latest trendy outfits, or celebrity beauty trend to live up to.

One thing I struggled with immensely when I started blogging was trying not to compare myself to other more “successful” bloggers. I found myself becoming anxious before posting something new, or depressed when I saw other bloggers receive thousands of likes or comments on a post. Then, Dani announced The Sassy Club. The mission behind The Sassy Club inspired me to stop playing into the compare game, and embrace my own sassy. 

Dani is unapologetically herself, and I love the community she has created to inspire women to do the same. The Sassy Club is a space that allows women to come together, support one another, cheer each other on through hardships, and celebrate our differences. After learning more about The Sassy Club, I knew I had to be part of it. I also knew that it was time for me to end the comparison game. Instead of comparing myself to others, I am focusing on cheering my sassy sisters on, embracing what makes me sassy and feeling comfortable just being me. 

If you are looking for some Sassy sisterhood, please check out The Sassy Club! If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area, we have our own chapter of The Sassy Club (The Sassy Club, Columbus) that I am proudly moderating. We’d love to have you join as we grow this sisterhood! 

When I started this blog I had no idea the people I would come across, and the encouragement this community can foster. It is beautiful souls like Dani Austin, who inspire me to keep going, keep sharing, and keep encouraging others to do the same. If you’re looking for some inspiration, or someone to just make you smile Dani is your girl! Do you have a Boss Babe you’re admiring lately? Please share! I am always looking for new inspiring souls. 

Get to know Dani more through her YouTube Channel. (Pro-tip, you will WANT to watch her engagement and wedding videos…keep the tissues handy).

Dani Austin – YouTube

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  1. It is so refreshing to hear other fellow women and bloggers share their imperfections and fears. I am newer to blogging and am constantly comparing myself to more successful bloggers. You create your own perfection that is powerful! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I am happy to hear that you share these same feelings. It can be hard to not compare yourself to others, but so freeing to let that feeling go!

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