Beach Bag Essentials | Pack the Perfect Bag for Summer Days in The Sun!

Who is itching for a beach vacation? This gal! With it looking, and feeling a lot like summer out I decided to put together a check list of all the beauty essentials one needs for a day in the sun. While I’m day dreaming of honeymooning on the beach (or a least sitting poolside) – I thought of all the beauty favorites of mine that keep me fresh, hydrated and protected while I’m enjoying the sun. From sunscreen to deodorant I’ve got you (and your beach bag) covered. Once you stock up on all of these beauty essentials, be sure to check out my Summer Reading List – because nothing goes better together than a beach chair and a book!

Pack Your Beach Bag! Summer Bag Beauty Essentials

  1. First you need a roomy tote or backpack. I know, this isn’t exactly a beauty essential but you need something that will help you keep all of these goodies organized. I like this A New Day tote from Target or this LuckyZ Lightweight Canvas Backpack Travel Daypack – both perfect options with plenty of room (and style) for all beach essentials!
  2.  Safe Sun: Sunscreen is imperative and should especially be used on a day when you plan to be outside most of the day! Beautycounter’s Countersun Sunscreen is a mineral based SPF that provides protection against the sun without harmful ingredients. Countersun comes in a convenient spray form so it’s easy to apply – and safe – the spray technology is non-aerosol, non-nano zinc oxide and evaluated for it’s particle size to ensure there is no potential risk of respiration when sprayed and does not enter the blood stream to cause harmful effects to the body. Shop Beautycounter's Sunscreen Here!


3. Good Hair Day: who wants to worry about good hair day when you’re frolicking in the sun? Make sure you have all the essentials for quick hair fixes and tools that will help keep you comfortable in the heat! My secret for tangle free hair? Wet BrushOriginal Detangler Hair Brush This brush is amazing! Seriously, WetBrush knows no knots it can’t untangle. Throw on in your tote to help smooth your locks throughout the day. 

Get that hair outta your face (with style). Nothing is worse than a face full of hair, wind, and sand. Pull your hair back while keeping style with a cute headband (a must for your beach bag!).


Pack some cute headwraps in your beach bag for an easy way to keep hair out of your face.



These Boho Floal Style Criss Cross Head Wraps are one of my favorite summer hair accessories. Within seconds, my hair is out of my face and I’ve added a fun floral accessory to the mix.

Add Beautycounter’s Balancing Facial Mist to your summer bag!

4. Put Your Fresh Face Forward: Keeping your skin refreshed and hydrated will help you to enjoy your day in the sun to it’s fullest. Don’t forget to add a few skin refreshers to your beach bag. One thing I highly recommend adding to your beach bag, is a facial mist. Beautycounter has several face mists that will get the job done! In my beach bag, I pack the Balancing Facial Mist. The Balancing Mist is great for absorbing excess oil, calming redness and balancing out your skin (exactly what you need after a day in the sun!).

This intuitive moisturizer adapts to your skins needs throughout the day.

Another skin essential for your beach day is a good moisturizer. Beach day or not, I use Beautycounter’s Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer daily. The Countermatch Moisturizer adapts to your skins needs throughout the day. This intuitive moisturizer provides 24-hours of hydration while adjusting hydration levels throughout the day for a smooth look and feel and radiant glow.




5. Stay Hydrated, Stay Fresh. These last two beach bag essentials are kind of no brainers…1. No one wants to feel like crap at the beach because they’re dehydrated and 2. No one wants to hang out with the smelly girl at the beach! Enter, hydration and safe deodorant!

Stay Hydrated by bringing a reusable water bottle along for the ride. My water bottle goes everywhere with me…seriously, it’s like an extension of myself and I’d be lost without it (dramatic much?). I opted for a stainless steel water bottle because it keeps the temperature of my drink longer, plus there are so many cute colors to choose from!

6. Stay fresh! Deodorant is a beach bag must! Ok, let’s be real – no one likes to be smelly…do they? Make sure you think ahead (sweat, sun, sand = smelly). Don’t forget to throw a deodorant ( a safer deodorant is a plus!) into your beach bag. One of my favorite aluminum free brands, is Schmidt’s Deodorant. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Coconut Pineapple is the perfect summer scent to add to your beach bag!

Here are some other favorite, safer deodorant brands that I LOVE

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