Boss Babe of The Month | 5 Lessons I’ve Learned from This Month’s Boss Babe, Jenna Kutcher

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A new month brings a new Boss Babe to rave about. If you haven’t been following this month’s boss babe, Jenna Kutcher, seriously what have you been doing? Creative babes, blogger babes, and babes of all walks of life need to know this strong woman. Jenna Kutcher is a photographer, creative entrepreneur, business coach, and host of one of my favorite podcats, The Goal Digger Podcast. You may have heard of her recently after she went viral for posting this Instagram photo. Her body became a topic of conversation and her marriage became something to dissect. She talks about the reality of going viral in this podcast [click to listen!], and shares the good bad and ugly with you. In one of my favorite episodes of the Goal Digger Podcast, Jenna breaks down 5 things she’s learned from Joana Gaines (aka my life’s goals, listen here!). So, to highlight Jenna this month, I’d like to do my own spin on this and share 5 Things I’ve Learned from Miss Jenna herself.

5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Jenna Kutcher

You Are Enough

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from knowing Jenna Kutcher and her work, it’s this  – You are enough. Voices creep into our heads from every direction telling us that we are not enough. From society, from our own fears, from the critizism of others. We as women especially, are often conditioned to believe we are not enough…not pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, talented enough. This year, Jenna designed a piece of jewelry (pictured here) to own, wear, and proclaim: we are all enough.

Image credit and work of Jenna Kutcher

Jenna’s goal in doing this was to help others come to the realization that they are enough.  This Sunday, at church our pastor spoke about the parable of the lost sheep found in Luke 15:3-7. In this parable, Jesus is explaining he is like a shepherd who has 100 sheep, but looses 1. You would think he would let the lost sheep go and tend to the greater 99. Isn’t there a higher value in the 99 sheep that are all accounted for vs 1 sheep who is lost? Wrong…the shepherd leaves his 99 and goes after his lost sheep. When he’s found his sheep he rejoices and celebrates, the lost has been found.

This story of perfect love knowing no boundaries or placing higher value on one life compared to 99 reminded me I AM ENOUGH. It is crucial for us to stop letting our insecurities define us. Don’t lead with your “not enough-ness” – kick it to the curb and attack life with the mindset that you are enough, more than enough.

Learn to Let Faith and Fear Co-Exist

One thing I love most about following Jenna is her willingness to share her biggest fears with us. She wears her fear on her sleeve, she shares it, she grows from it, and she exudes the lessons learned from it. In the midst of a journey trying to conceive after losing two babies, Jenna has not stopped sharing her heart. Jenna opens up about the sadness and hope she is filled with [click here to listen]. By showing she has not let fear drive out her faith of knowing there is a plan for her life as a mother, Jenna has taught me that faith and fear can co-exist.

In some ways, faith and fear are in some way one in the same. Do you have a fear you are in the midst of? A fear of making a change, fear of failure, fear of facing a great loss? Are you opening your heart to what is on the other side of that fear?

Friend, whatever struggle you are faced with, please don’t lose sight of faith. It’s okay to be afraid, actually it’s important to recognize those fears. But don’t let fear consume you. Jenna’s openness with her fears and struggles alongside her resilience throughout life’s storms has taught me the importance of allowing faith into the picture. Be afraid, but also let faith come in and trust that you are built to handle this.

There Is Room at The Table for All of Us

Have you ever seen someone doing something and thought, “Man, I’d love to do that too!” Followed are the thoughts that because she is already doing this, you can’t. You would be “copying” or infringing on her project. NEWS FLASH…we need to stop with the incredibly limiting mindset of there not being enough room for all of us.  Jenna embodies the belief that there is room at the table for everyone. She is a successful creative entrepreneur and could easily keep her secret sauce, business tips and story of how she’s built her empire to herself.

Image is an original Jenna Kutcher design

Think about this…if you were a success and poured blood sweat and tears into your business idea would you want to lay the framework so others could follow? Shouldn’t those people just figure it out on their own!? Not in Jenna’s world. Through her podcast, website, and many workshops Jenna helps other creatives and entrepreneurs with valuable knowledge, motivation, and tools to be their own success. Instead of keeping this to herself and building up her own business, Jenna shows us by making room at the table for everyone, the possibilities are endless.

Whatever your passion or side hustle may be, I invite you to share in this mindset. Seek out others in the same field, mentor others, welcome questions with an open mind, learn from one another, build eachother up.  Alone we are great yes, but together….oh man, now that’s unstoppable.

Show Up

Is there something in life you keep putting off, thinking “someday I will do…”? For me, that something was starting a blog. I always thought about starting a blog, but was never confident enough in myself and probably too self conscious about what others may think. Then, I realized nothing good comes to those who sit by and wait for it.

Read more about what led me to start blogging here.

If you don’t know the backstory of Jenna’s business, it’s a pretty amazing example of showing up. Jenna bought a $300 Craigslist camera and decided to follow her passion of photography. 7 years later after pouring her heart and soul into her business, Jenna has ditched a once “dream” corporate job and turned her craigslist camera into an empire. Jenna’s go-getter attitude really inspires me to show up. Whatever it is I want out of life, I need to show up for it. Do I want a strong marriage, a great career, good health, happy family? Absolutely! Guess, what? Gotta SHOW UP. Put in the work, commit, refine, and repeat. How are you showing up for your passions today?

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Image is an original Jenna Kutcher design.

A common theme in Jenna’s podcast that often comes up is the simple fact that we cannot make everyone happy. Trying to please all walks of life will lead to self destruction. As a new blogger, I find myself struggling with focusing on numbers too much. Why aren’t more people signing up for my email list? Why did that person unfollow me, and so on. Jenna teaches the importance of not focusing on those people who you simply cannot make happy. I am not everyone’s cup of tea, and guess what? That’s OK. My time and energy is much better spent on making myself happy, as well as focusing on those who are engaging with my blog and creating content that meets their needs.

If you find yourself focusing on people in your life who you cannot make happy, I encourage you to flip that mindset. Focus on those who are a positive light in your life. Put your energy into something that makes you happy. I hope by sharing these lessons with you, I’ve inspired you: to know that you are enough, greatness is on the other side of fear, if you have a dream show up for it, there is room for everyone, and not to focus on those who you cannot make happy.

If you haven’t listened to the Goal Digger podcast yet, I urge you to give it a try! The topics Jenna covers can apply to everyone (not just entrepreneurs). Seriously, Jenna is such a motivational spirit and she keeps it real with her audience. Do you admire a successful entrepreneur? I would love to hear what lessons they’ve taught you!



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  1. Omg this is crazy! I found her insta just a few days ago and I’m obsessed with her! She’s so intelligent and beautiful! Absolute goals 😍

    1. Haha, Bree! I am so glad you found Jenna through instagram…I would love to hear what takeaways you have from following her in the future!

  2. Olivia,

    What a simple yet beautiful post of 5 great lessons to that are great as everyday reminders, regardless of where we are in our life. I completely resonate with #3, 4, and 5 on a personal and entrepreneurial level, especially #4. I feel like everyone is so worried and scared about being copied or vice versa, but the truth is, everything is a copy with a twist! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Aliyyah,
      Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad that you found lessons you could resonate with in this post. #4 is such a good one to work on…there’s enough room for us all and we rise when we lift each other up!

  3. These are awesome tips. I follow Jenna too and she is one of a kind…so positive, so creative, so amazing. Thanks for sharing some of her best insights with the world.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Andrea! She is so inspiring, and its amazing to see how many women she has empowered.

  4. Love the post! At times, we all feel like we’re not enough. Thanks for the reminder that we are, no matter what. That is one of my favorite parables of the Bible. ❤️

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