Stop Living For the Weekend | Making the Most of Each Day (even Mondays!)

Guess what? I’m guilty. I’m guilty of hating Mondays, rolling my eyes at Tuesdays, accepting Wednesdays and thriving on Thursdays into the weekend. Recently, I stumbled upon this quote that really stirred something within me and made me realize this is such an unhealthy way to live, it read: “People wait all week for Friday, all year for Summer, all life for happiness.”  Why am I living for the weekend? Why not make everyday the best it can be, and live with a grateful heart each day. I felt silly and foolish for the days I’ve taken for granted, just because they don’t fall on a weekend. I’m sure you can relate to the feelings of lost motivation that come as the weekend closes.

I am challenging myself (and you) to greet each week with an open heart. Welcome Monday as a new set of opportunities to set goals and crush them. Wake up and say “Thank you” for being blessed with another day. So, how do we overcome the fear of the weekday that society has conditioned us to have? I am highlighting 3 simple steps you can take to live for everyday and free yourself from the “live for the weekend” mindset.

Practice Gratitude

Start your mornings with a daily gratitude journal

Once you learn to practice gratitude, you will feel yourself naturally making the most of each day. Being mindful of gratitude helps you to be more aware of the things you are lucky to have, the people in your life and your opportunities. Something I use to help keep me in check, is a gratitude journal. When I feel myself becoming crabby or loosing focus, it’s often because I haven’t taken the time to sit down and reflect. A gratitude journal helps me to clear my head and center my heart. Even in times of hardship it is so important to practice gratitude and quiet your mind. Start with a weekly journal session, maybe on a Sunday night. You may find yourself looking forward to this time and not dreading the Sunday Scaries. (If you need help beating the Sunday Scaries, you should check out my Sunday Reset Routine). Your mind will be clear and focused for a great week to come. If you really want to make the most of everyday, find a journal that gives you daily prompts. In the morning with your coffee or before bed make it part of your routine to journal.

Set Some Goals

I’m a huge supporter of goals and to-do lists. While I think they provide structure and something to work towards, I don’t want my list of to-do’s to navigate my life. I do think it is important to set small goals each day of things that you want to accomplish or challenge yourself with. Your daily goal can be as simple as getting a load of laundry done. Or challenge yourself with a 2-a-day workout. You may find yourself feeling accomplished and satisfied once you complete your daily goal. It’s also nice to wake up and know what you need to work towards that day, keeping in mind that you were blessed with another day to crush that goal! I challenge you to set one goal for yourself each day this week. Big or small, a goal is a goal and I can’t wait to see you meet them!

Do something kind

You know the feeling that is in the air around the holidays? The feeling of giving, kindness, and mercy, where you feel more inclined to slip a dollar bill into that homeless man’s bucket? Or round up at the grocery store for the food bank? It always makes my heart feel full when I do something kind for others. If you could bottle  that energy that’s in the air around the holidays wouldn’t that be amazing? Well guess what, you can! You will be amazed at how much it will impact your mood when you do something kind for someone else.  I am being mindful of kindness, not just around the holidays but everyday. Buy the stranger in line behind you at Starbucks their latte, leave a sweet note for your significant other, take out the trash without being asked to. There are a zillion ways we can practice kindness you just need to open your heart to it.

As much as it’s important to spread kindness to others, we cannot forget to take care of ourselves. Do something kind for yourself every day. This can be taking a bubble bath, sneaking away to read a book and get some “you time,” getting a workout in, cooking your favorite meal. Do not be afraid to put your needs as a priority. If you take a moment to do something kind for yourself everyday, your day and (and week) for that matter will feel more full. Some favorite ways I am kind to myself include:

  • Giving myself a spa day at home with a face mask or painting my nails
  • Cooking a new meal
  • Taking quiet time for myself and reading
  • Working out or going for a long walk

Need some ideas for how to be kind to yourself? Start with an at home spa session using some of my fave products which bring the spa straight to your home. 

There’s something freeing, a sense of peace almost, when you start appreciating every day, and stop looking forward to Friday at 5:00 when you can punch your time card and head home. Your mood, intentions, and overall happiness improves when you practice gratitude, set some goals, and do something kind each day. Is there something you focus on daily to help you make the most of each day you are given? If you try any of my suggestions on making the most of each day I would love to hear what you think! As always, I sincerely hope that this post has found someone who needed these words.

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  1. I’ve definitely been guilty of the living for the weekend mentality, but I’ve been trying to change it by setting some goals for myself to accomplish throughout the week. It’s so easy for me, with commuting in and out of a big city on public transportation every day, to want to just immediately head home after work, but by setting some goals to get some exercise in and walk around, I not only get in some much needed steps but I also get to experience more of where I live that I don’t normally see. It definitely makes workdays a little more fun, and the weekend not feel so necessary.

    1. I’m glad that you have found some ways to help you get out of the living for the weekend mentality. That commute does not sound fun, but great job in setting some goals for after work!

  2. There is so much truth to this that I wish more people knew. I used to live with the mentality of “I can’t wait until…” Whether my aspirations were of success, a home, marriage, etc., it made me less grateful for the time I had in present day. I’ve truly been so much happier since I transitioned to finding the good in everyday life. Glad you are too!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you’ve experienced this growth as well. Is so true that once we shift our focus off of what’s next and focus on what’s now, we live a much more full and grateful life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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