Rosy Cheeks: Lush Cosmetics Face Mask Review

It was  Sunday and a girl just wanted to share some of her Sunday night relaxation with her IG followers. That girl was me, and I posted a picture of the Lush Cosmetics Rosy Cheeks face mask with a caption something to the likes of “Sunday night turn up!” What followed was a series of requests for a product review! Well you guys, ask and you shall receive. And because I was not originally planning this blog post, you are getting my very raw and true in the moment feelings…lucky you! In fact, I am writing this right after I rinsed the mask off – talk about in the moment eh?

First a little background on what led me to purchase the Lush Cosmetics Rosy Cheeks face mask…(yay, story time!)

My skin has been breaking out, mostly hormonal type breakouts all along my chin (super cute, right?) I typically have clear skin so this has become quite frustrating. Frustrated and tired of my face looking like a dull bumpy mess, I sauntered into Lush Cosmetics on a cold snowy Saturday. First, if you have not shopped Lush Cosmetics before, let me say if you like customer service and a tailored experience, as well as employees who are overly cheerful and WANT TO HELP…this is your place.  A few minutes after explaining to the lovely Lush employee all of my frustrating skin issues, we were sampling two of her recommendations.

I chose the Rosy Cheeks face mask because I also wanted something that would give me nice glow. The Rosy Cheeks mask is a sweet mix of kaolin, calamine and Turkish rose oil – this powerful but gentle on the skin combo is said to remove dirt, calm your skin and restore a nice glow. Plus, it’s a rosy millennial pink and smells delicious…need I say more?

My thoughts?

Immediately after rinsing the mask off, I first notice the redness of my blemishes had gone down. Maybe it was my imagination but I think some of them even shrunk! Next, I noticed my skin was SO SOFT. I’m talking baby smooth and soft. 

The Next Day…

It is the morning after and I am impressed with how much better my skin looks. The redness has definitely stayed down, and my complexion has brightened. I’m excited to give this mask a try again in a few days to see if the benefits continue. If you’re struggling with some dullness or pesky breakouts and want a natural, gentle method to help clear your skin up…I recommend the Rosy Cheeks face mask from Lush Cosmetics!

Are you a fan of Lush Cosmetics? I would love to hear your recommendations of more products to try! I am super into anything good for my skin (free of harsh, scary chemicals), and anything that will give me that glow that we’re all lustin’ for. Lushies – spill your favorites to me!




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