January and 2018 Goals, Starting 2018 Strong

It feels surreal to say that it’s 2018. 2017 was a huge year for me…I got engaged, we bought a house, I finished my first year at my “new” (not so new anymore) job after leaving a company I’d been with for nearly 4 years, I started eating plant based, made so many happy memories and went through some challenging times, and lastly I took a leap of courage and started The Lovely Twist blog.

As I look back on 2017 I see it as a year of extreme growth and new opportunities. I welcome 2018 with excitement and anticipation for what is to come. With a new year comes the usual routine of making “resolutions.” I personally dislike the resolution or “New Year, New You” mindset. Why does there need to be a new you? YOU are already awesome, and this new year is a chance for new opportunities, new 2018 goals, new adventures, making the same old you, a better version of yourself. It is with this mindset that I set my 2018 goals.

Rather than making lofty goals for the year and getting discouraged when I can’t meet them, I like to chip away goals each month. For example, one 2018 goal is to be more present. To make this happen, a goal for January is to unplug and have scheduled times that I’m engaging in social media. By setting this schedule, the idea is I will be more present and in the moment vs being glued to my phone or laptop.

I hope you’ll join me in setting some attainable 2018 goals. To make your goal setting easy and trackable, I’ve linked my goal setting template broken out by Mind, Body, Home, Work, and Gratitude. I would love to hear how you are putting this template to use. Cheers, and Happy New Year!

Your Free Goal Setting Template: January Goals Template

My 2018 Goals:

  1. Be More Present
  2. Become involved in our Church and/or volunteer more
  3. Grow The Lovely Twist
    • Grow Instagram engagement, and followers (would love to have 3K by 2019)
    • Create an email list
    • Content plan for productivity and better content
    • Start writing sponsored posts
  4. Focus on overall health
    • Meal Planning
    • More cardio/new workouts
    • Run an official 10K

December Goals Recap

I’ll keep this brief as I’m sure your mind is spinning with all that you want to accomplish this year.  One goal I had was to make time to read and engage in bookclub, which I did accomplish! I’m even on to a new book for this month. I wanted to give back this month, and although I didn’t make it to volunteer, Corbin and I did “adopt” a family for Christmas and provided a gift for a child who otherwise may not have received anything. Buying the gift for the little boy who we have never met, was probably the favorite gift I gave this year. I almost made it a week without sugar…came so close but the cravings got the best of me. We have however, cut back on ice cream, and if you know us at all this is HUGE.

Most importantly, I made a conscious effort to unplug during the season and be present. I was a little MIA from social media, and made a point to keep the phone away during dinners, family gatherings, etc. As far as my other goals, I didn’t hit them all 100% on the nose but I chipped away at little bits and pieces. My goals were always in the back of my mind and gave me something to focus on throughout the month.

January Goals

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  1. These are great goals! I would love to grow my following on my blog and I’ve been really working on improving my photography. I also want to add more cardio into my workouts. I wish empower was offered a few more times a week!

    Brittany | thechicette.com

    1. Thank, you! I would also like to improve my photography and have more of a strategy behind the photos and content. I agree! I wish empower was offered more at different times, too! Good luck on your goals as you start out the New Year!

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