Monthly Goals: November 2017

I know we say it every year, but I cannot believe it’s November…2017 has flown by! This year has been full of change, new adventures, and challenges. I am so thankful for all 2017 has brought me. It has been about a month since I’ve launched The Lovely Twist. Throughout this month, I have learned so much, connected with countless amazing bloggers and encouragers, and most importantly, I’ve set some goals for myself. While I may not have met all of these goals, the act of setting goals and working to achieve them is sometimes better than the prize itself.

Reflecting on this past month, and looking back as this year winds down, I’ve decided to create a “monthly goals” post every month. Each month, I will outline my goals for you, and provide you a template to do the same. My hope is that by sharing my goals with you, I can:

  1. Hold myself accountable 
  2. Inspire you to set some goals for yourself
  3. We can encourage one another throughout our monthly challenges, and celebrate one another’s wins

Setting goals may seem daunting at first, and I’ll admit, it’s hard to know where to start, because there are 1,000 things I would like to get done between work, home, wedding planning, and health. I find it’s easiest if you break out goals by section. This way, you can clearly separate your health goals from your work goals, or home goals. I am breaking my goals out by mind, body, home and work. While I do have a full-time job outside of blogging, for the purpose of this blog I will be keeping my professional work goals separate from The Lovely Twist work goals. As I mentioned in my previous post on resetting yourself each week and planning for a productive and mindful week ahead, I like using the Day Designer daily planner to keep myself on track for the day. This planner gives you space to set your top goals for the day. I focus on making my top daily goals around my monthly goals. For example, if one of my monthly goals for body is to run 20 miles this month, one of my top daily goals might be to get a 2 mile run in.

Recap of October:

As much as it’s important to goal set, I find it equally important to reflect on the past month. While I didn’t set specific goals for October, I think it’s beneficial for myself to share all that I faced and achieved.

October ended as quickly as it began! We celebrated a birthday, one year till our wedding day, and 6 months of being engaged! I crossed a 5K and a Pure Barre Challenge off of my goals. Though I didn’t eat 100% clean all month, I stayed committed to trying to cut sugar, and eat as little processed foods as possible. The last week and half or so of the month I fell into a funk. I did not feel like working out, or cooking as much. I felt just out of it and not myself. Each day that I missed a workout or strayed from our meal plan, I felt worse. I needed to reign myself back in and remind myself it’s okay to not be 100% for 100% of the time, but don’t loose sight of my goals. This is the mindset I will carry throughout November as I’m setting these goals.

My Goals This Month:

Starting a new month is always exciting, especially towards the end of the year when a new year is closer than before. I’m eager to get going on my November goals, and looking forward to reporting back to you all on what I’ve learned. If you’d like to follow this same goal setting template, I’ve created a blank version or you to use here: November Goal Template. I look forward to hearing how your month goes, please share on Instagram or Facebook if you are following this goal template and tag @the_lovelytwist so I can keep up with your goal progress!



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  1. I love goal setting! You and I organize our goals pretty similarly too 🙂 I got into a funk at the end of October and I’m focusing on bringing it back and gearing up for the holidays. Thanks for sharing this post, it’s wonderful! <3

    1. I’m so glad to hear this! I was in a rut in October too, this month because I wrote my goals out I have been so much more on top of my game…truly makes a difference!

  2. i’m a big fan of planning and setting goals!I’m doing this every month. I always create a daily planner printable and plan about two days ahead and structure my life. I’ve never been more productive!

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