What Led Me To This Lovely Twist

I’ve always journaled, I have always enjoyed writing. In the moments, I was hurting or times I was so happy I wanted to get it all out, I’ve found myself scribbling down my thoughts. There’s something freeing about writing it all down, whatever “it” may be at the moment. I have entertained the idea of a blog for quite some time but thought “who would read that…” “what would I even write about…”

Recently, I was looking through one of my journals from my younger years…I came across a few pages I wrote when I was a green 14 years old trying to “figure out life” (ha-ha, if I only knew then…) I wrote about not being sure what I wanted to study in college or do with my life. I kept talking about how I want to help people. I didn’t know how but I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, I wanted to spread good.

Now, enter my love for writing with my creative “bug.” I’ve always thought myself to be creative. Not just in the traditional arts and crafts way one may think. I find myself creative in the sense of solving problems. I enjoy coming up with unique gift ideas, finding ways to save money, thinking of a way to compromise in relationships, experimenting with new recipes, or finding way to do things more efficiently. Whenever I try a new concoction in the kitchen, or surprise my fiancé with a cute gift…I find myself thinking “I wonder if other people would be interested in this idea?”

Next, combine the joy I feel from writing with the pull I have for sharing my creativity, add a little push sprinkled with loving encouragement from my fiancé and sister, and here I am at the start of my blogging “journey.” I hope you’ll come alongside me as I begin this new adventure. I am so excited for the potential and to see where this may lead. I plan to share my recent experiences, favorite recipes, fashion finds, and much more. I would love to hear any (constructive) feedback you may have as well as ideas of what you would like to see.

Now, I don’t expect this little blog to solve the world’s problems. I don’t expect to fight social injustices, end world hunger, stop addiction, or cure cancer. BUT…if something I share here can help someone who is fighting for those who are underrepresented feel encouraged, if a tip or recipe I share makes a busy single mom’s night easier, if a struggle I open up about gives someone who is also struggling the strength to conquer, if an outfit I post can give a girl the confidence she needs to face something tough, if down the road this puts me in contact with someone who can help me make a tactful impact on those less fortunate, then I feel I am one step closer to achieving my 14- year old self’s inner calling to spread good.

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